Apr 26, 2012

It Came From the Toy Chest: Without Water spraying action


is here. Thanks for that Mr. Shatner... Well as I was saying Kobra...

OK, that's it! Enough with the Shatner clip!! We get it His name is the same as the character played by Ricardo Montalban... oh crap!

OK, The First Snakeman before there were ANY Snakemen has arrived... and he's pretty cool looking...
The logo is censoring the Snake!! I wonder how cramped Draego-Man will be inside such a tiny bubble!
What does this snake bring into the game:
New Head
New Torso
New Loincloth
New gun (No longer a repainted Zodac Gun)
This is a 200X weapon Classicized... Better than a Zodac Gun Repainted... Although a Blue Zodac Gun would be nice on a Weapons Pack for Stinkor...
New boots
Pick Cell Fang...

Kobra Khan is ready for Facebook... He's been practicing the Duckface since the 80s... And Pick-Cell Fang is Photobombing!

He does bring a ton of new stuff into the game and his Boots are based on the Actual Vintage toys "Evil legs"... What does this mean?
Skeletor + Whiplash forearms + These legs = a True Vintage Toy Accurate Skeletor!

OR Take this figure and swap the hands for Buzz-Off's Pincers. Give it a Camo repaint you've got the Argentinian Camuflado Variant...
So, Let's get on with the ratings part of the review: 1 = crap and 5 = Awesome!

Well, Mr. K... has the standard MOTUC Articulation. Somethng that I have to give a fair warning about is that Engineering added a bump on the Elbow joint that is supposed to "lock" in place when the elbow is bent. For some people this causes a problem (The joint can bee too tight ant it won't bend all the way) luckily for me it's not that tight on mine... It's tight, but not IMPOSSIBLE TO MOVE Tight...
Paint and Sculpt:
The Sculpt is obviously full of Four Horsemen Magic. He is VERY close to his vintage version...
So close that I actually pushed his head down hoping for it to squirt water...
There is a bit of slop on his mouth (looks like it's dripping a bit of blood on one of his sides...) but it actually makes KK look a bit more fearsome.
His gun is a newly sculpted piece and it looks similar to the Zodac gun, but not the same, so that's cool!

And that's how Pick-Cell Fang Hangs out!
Obviously he has the gun that I already mentioned. He has his little lizard friend from the MYP Cartoon. The Neitlich calls him Pixel (in honor of the popular toy Reviewer Pixel Dan) but Mattel calls him Fang... I call him Pick-Cell Fang... (Pick-Cell because that's what he did on the 200X Cartoon and it's a more MOTU sounding than Pixel) and Fang cause that's the official name... If you say it all together it sounds almost like Pixel Dan...

Last but not least, the Second Head for... Wait, Why isn't Shatner interrupting me by screaming
Well, Kobra Khan can now open up his hood like a cobra should... Of course we do it by head swapping... So, that gives him the extra Oomph! that some fans needed. Shame that he doesn't have a "poison Mist" accessory!

A Tribute to a Kick-ass Kobra Khan Art by Axel Gimenez and Chris Faccone
Kobra Khan gets a 4.33 as a toy. The sloppy paint job on him did hurt him a little bit, but he is still awesome... If you're able to get one somehow, DO EET!!

Kobra Khan and Webstor: The best 80s Evil Tag Team ever... Now they're going to Retire Spector like he was Anime Hyperdetail!

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