Sep 20, 2013

Subs are Open again!!

I normally would not be peddling Matty stuff from rant to rant, but, I forgot to do that during the Jack is back rant... But the Subscriptions are open until the 24th of this month.

If you want Two Bad, Modulok, Glimmer, Hydron, Blade, Scorpia, Battle Lion, then you should consider the sub... Available on Mattycollector. 

I know not everyone likes the sub...

Not those subs, the MOTUC Subscriptions... but think about it: Two-Bad's asking price on the secondary market is around $80-$100-ish. Modulok's going in the $100 range, so is the Unnamed one.
About $300 + shipping on 3 figures... Then there's Blade and Extendar... There is a Snakeman coming as well. Even if you are a "Vintage Purist", you are better off getting the sub.

Two-Bad will NOT have Day of Sale. Mattel WILL pull the same tactic again. It's a dick move, but Mattel makes the rules. If you CAN afford the sub and CHOOSE not to, then don't complain if you can't get two-bad, and any other character that Mattel makes no Day of Sale stock for...

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