Sep 3, 2013

Energy Zoids: The Rant

Special thanks to a Meteorb Enthusiast, now I KINDA want the Energy Zoids in MOTUC... I'm sure they'll come somewhere between 2014 and 2015, because Mattel wants to finish the Original MOTU, POP, Key NA Characters by then.

So, who or what are the Energy Zoids? I shall explain for those of you who don't know...

Think Beyblade, but more MOTU-Like... Basically they are half man/Machine Half Tops
They were late-Additions to the line and most of those characters were more gimmick based than previous figures. Rotar and Twistoid's names imply spinning. Tops spin... see what Mattel did there?

I'll be honest, I think these guys Are bottom of the barrel (still better than Nepthu)... Their inclusion is mostly for Historical Reasons.

I know that there is a group that wants to give them legs so they can fit better in the line. I get why they want the legs. It kinda makes sense, but at the same time it doesn't make sense.

Ah, I see!
Rotar Minus Top lower body equals Mekaneck without the ability to stretch his neck or Fisto without the big fist. Would Mattel add legs to these guys? Most likely no... Think about it. New legs would require new crotches Like King Hssss, in addition to the Top parts, stands, etc. Now, here's the thing. Mattel is way too attached to doing things Just like the 80s... Remember the Nostalgia trap? With Mantenna we barely dodged PART of the Nostalgia trap... We're still stuck on it thanks to Filmation... but 4 Legs baby!!!

Now, there's the option of giving an extra head for Rotar to use as him before the accident where he was wounded and ended up inside MAA's Gyro Machine and became Rotar. Which brings me to the following point:
Rotar minus Freaky Half-Body, minus jockstrap faceplate equals some random dude... without any powers or gimmicks! It makes no sense!! And this is coming from a guy who wants JOSH The Etherian Rebel, Melaktha, Drissi and Songster in MOTUC...

IF Mattel were to make them, here's what I'd suggest:
Rotar with all his vintage accessories + Twistoid and all its vintage accessories (its because Twistoid is a Robot) AND I'd throw in a Gyro Machine  I'd prefer a plastic one but a cardboard one would be OK for the MOC crowd. It would make that box a bit special like the Mo-Larr Box!

Unlike the Meteorbs, these guys WILL get made... Unlike the Meteorbs, I really don't care much about them. I want these guys to be made, but They are no Glimmer... Sadly, I see them as a novelty item.

I could make a rant about Ninjor, but, let's face it: He's just new heads and weapons. right now Mattel could do him without the four horsemen. That's how easy he is to do. The Zoids on the other hand, need ALL the Four Horsemen magic to look appealing to those who aren't fans of them.


  1. All I hope for with these guys is that they come with a way to stand them up on a shelf that does not involve me having to buy more Windraiders simply to use the included stand.

  2. I think a simple stand should work. Something similar to Shadow Weaver's but with a hole on top to plug in the top.