May 16, 2024

It Came from the Toy Chest: I guess the J stands for junk


I shouldn't have to attempt to color match skin tones on a $55 Figure. This issue while not exclusive to Super 7, it stinks more with them due to their higher price. Playmates toys, Mattel, Hasbro, even McFarlane have issues with it color matching skin tones. The main difference is that one Super 7 figure costs roughly two to three figures of the other mentioned companies. So the inconsistencies in paint have a stronger effect here.

I "know" that before applying the paint, the colors "match" but it's obvious that the green plastic in Lady Jaye's torso wasn't taken into consideration and the flesh tones look kinda undead on her torso and exposed parts of the upper arm. I'm not an expert at customization, but I did what I could. It's in no way "camera perfect", but for "displaying on a Shelf" it's passable. All I did was mix some fresh paint with pink. Applied it, let it dry. Once it was dried I applied a light brushing of super glue to create that glossy plastic appearance from the face. Mainly because it was easier than repainting the actual face. 
Stock Lady Jaye next to April.

I am seriously considering repainting the lips as the light tone looks weird. Then I am reminded about the Tremors in my hands and stop myself. No, these are not dangerous Tremors like Parkinson's or anything like that. They are exacerbated by caffeine consumption, stress, and lack of sleep...
Story of my life since college. And a lot of folks on my dad's side of the family suffer from essential tremors. Yay genetics! Now it seems that I'm harping on the figure before the review, but again, I shouldn't be having to repaint a $55 figure just to make it's not look like crap!
The repainted neck looks better in person.
That's good enough for me.

My original plan for this figure was to use for a custom April O'Neil. Mainly a nod to the "Toon" April clad in geeen for the Channel 6 Newsvan.
As you can see on the picture of Lady Jaye standing next to April, April is too short. My plans have been destroyed. Now I have a figure and nowhere to go. So you know what this means: Nefty's going to Try and shove a Modified Lady Jaye into the MuTeens. But for now this shall be a GI Joe review.
Call me April one more time and I'll shove this speargun so far up your ass that Spears will come out your mouth!

Lady Jaye's articulation is standard Ultimates GI Joe articulation. The only iffy articulation points are:
-torso has no real range
 -the forward and backwards thigh articulation. This can lead to some unintended shelf diving incidents.

Paint and sculpt
I harped a lot about paint issues on the figure already. Well, the sculpt gets its chance too!
He has three heads, and two of them are essentially the same. 

To be fair there is a slight difference in the sculpt but it's barely noticeable. The third head has a headset. But wait there's more. She has a strap on the left side of her shirt that holds a knife... well, there is nothing on her back. The strap just vanishes. 

Like what the fuck!? Supposedly, The Four Horsemen are not working with Super 7 anymore and these sculpts are being made by their in-house 3D sculptors... 

That's a rookie mistake. Some people might say: Nefty, you're nitpicking... if this was a figure under $20 I'd say yeah, but this is a $55 figure. I shouldn't have to buy modeling epoxy to make a strap and paint it on a $55 figure!

Here is where Lady Jaye shines:
-2 extra heads
-6 extra hands
-9 spearheads
-2 preset spears
-1 modular spear
-1 speargun
-1 Rifle
-1 Canteen
-1 camera
-1 knife 

Here is where Lady Jaye shines... wait I said that already, but it's true. 

Her spears are varied and give lots of display options. Sadly the knife is severely limited on how to use due to the small handle. The dramatic/relaxed hands have hinges that move like waving instead of the normal hinge movement.


Lady Jaye gets a 3.5 as her final score. The accessories were the saving grace on this figure. It's a shame that the articulation, paint and sculpt issues hurt this figure way more than it should. While it's a "passable" score, I shouldn't have to heavily modify a $55 figure!!

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