May 23, 2024

Mattel announces 3 upcoming videogames

 And guess WHO DIDN'T MAKE THE CUT... I'll give you a hint:

-It's not Barbie, as she definitely made the list.
-It's not Matchbox, but that's most likely a racing game, so it kinda make sense.
-It's not Monster High... wait a minute... 

I have questions, like WHO is working with Mattel on this? Outright games... they're a hit or miss publisher... also, notice how two out of three are games for little girls. 

Why is Mattel not doing something for the franchise that DESERVES A REAL GAME... He-Man!? But Mattel would rather waste time on Mobile games, Roblox games, or games made by the people who make the horrible Jumanji games... 

Seriously, Mattel should've gotten on the 2D Beat'em-up brawlers game by the time Shredder's Revenge was announce. I would literally give away my left nut for an official MOTU 2D Beat'em-up game. Hell even a port of the old Platforming Mobile game... the one before Tappers of Grayskull. 

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