Apr 30, 2024

⅓ of the Tomb Raider Remastered done*

 I have finally avenged Teenage me... I have defeated Jacqueline Natla and destroyed the Scion without cheats or GameShark. *Sure I need to play the PC extra levels, but this is a triumph that young Me was unable to have. Now that I got used to the tank controls, TR1 was easier than expected... mainly to the lack of save limitations that the OG PS1 game had.

I have questions:

What's the Deal with Natla' Bodyguards? They're weird Foxhound Rejects:

A cowboy, a skater kid, and a bald dude...
They're literally called Cowboy, Skater Kid, Bald Guy... wtf Game? They're dropped out of nowhere and killed in the same level...
At least with Pierre and Larson we had some bit of info on them with Pierre being a competitor to Lara and Larson being Natla's middleman with Lara.

The Cowboy, I mean, you get his gimmick is a cowboy who happens to use Magnums... shouldn't he be using a six shooter or two for twelve shots? But what's his deal? How did he end up working for Natla? I know not games are like MGS where you get a backstory on why they do stuff. Here all we get is He's a non-Lara human, kill him. This dude is so irrelevant he was replaced by Larson in the Anniversary version.

Skater kid: he's literally a dude in a skateboard who fights on a "skatepark" made in the midst of Natla's mines. Natla literally spent a shitton of Money to make a boss arena for him to fight. How the fuck does this make any sense?

Then there's Say cheese! The Bald guy... He's black. What's his deal...

Biggest question: two words: Bacon Lara.
What the fuck is up with that?

I vaguely remember TR2 other than

Something something Bigfoot and Marco Bartoli turning into a fucking dragon.

 but TR3 is even vaguer: All I remember about TR3 is a dude casually complaining about grtting his leg eaten. Ah found the clip

But I'll take abreak after the PC DLC for TR1 before doing TR2 

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