Apr 3, 2024

Super7's DiC wave got canned.

 Cue the female figures don't sell crap.
Of course, it has nothing to do that these three were repaints. Scarlet barely arrived to customers by the time this repaint was put on pre-order. Also this would be the fourth baroness variant, not to mention the second version of this body to be released. Last but not least, This Lady Jaye would do very little on foxong the issues of her past release. And I know that she had a thought of issues, because I own one. I still haven't gotten her out of the toy chest, but that's because I'm having issues in reviewing her fairly.

My fear is that this wave failing will translate to female figures not selling. This wave should've come out after Shipwreck, Sgt. Slaughter and other core Joe Characters had gotten made and a "wave filler" was needed. A full redeco wave based on characters that had been recently released is a bad idea.

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