Apr 18, 2024

Rebel Moo 2: Snyderctric Boogaloo starts tomorrow

 I won't be watching during its weekend release, because I have more important things to do like finish season 6 of

Meaning that Next week might be the soonest I'll be able to properly watch this cinematic abomination of forgettable everything... except the space vaginas. That's probably the only thing I remember about the movie that isn't a Space Nazi getting tentacle raped. 

I will be rereading my Rebel Moo rant to refresh myself, because there's no way I'll rewatch that snoozefest. Something something August is most likely the release of Rebel Moo: Mulligan editions. And Hack the Zack wants to make 6 of them... or 12 if we count the Snydercunts. Seriously, Zack Snyder is the only person who can fail upwards.

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