Apr 28, 2024

Crazy impossible TMNT variant idea: Action heroes

 The rant kinda explains itself. This would be a logistical nightmare and it's a just for kicks list:

Leonardo: He-Man (1987)
Essentially, Leonardo wearing Dolph Lundgren's He-Man outfit... but with some tweaks that read Leonardo (ie chest emblem being the L and both cape and loincloth being blue)
Two new heads:
-unmasked with Dolph Lundgren mullet
-screaming masked head.
Sword of Power
Cosmic key

Donatello: Inspector Gadget
Essentially Donatello with UC Raphs heads and coats with random accessories inspired by inspector gadget.
Rollerskates, Metalhead's right hands (nunchuck as the chopper, and tripwire hands) "extending" bo staff. Also a new head with an extending accordion extra hand.

Raphael: Snake Plissken:
Raphael dressed as Kurt Russell in escape from New York with a new head with a Plissken hairdo and Eyepatch.

Michelangelo as Ace Ventura:
Essentially, Mikey dressed up as Ace Ventura.
The new heads would be a maskless head with the Ventura wig and a goofy Carrey-like expression. the other head is Mikey chewing a big ball of gum. 

Splinter as Mr. Miyagi:
Splinter wearing the khaki Miyagi outfit. 
A head with Splinter sporting a Miyagi wig and facial hair. The other is a meditating Splinter with a Miyagi bandana.
For accessories:
Splinter cane, special chopstick hand, turtle sized paintbrushes and pails, floor sanders, and waxing pads.

Casey Jones as Mad Max:
Basically Casey dressed up as Mad Max with new unmasked Casey heads (Mel Gibson hairdo and Casey Hairdo)

Rocksteady as Rocky:
Essentially Rocksteady dressed as Stallone in Rocky. (Boxing attire)

Bebop as John Matrix:
Bebop dressed like Schwarzenegger in Commando.
Accessories machinegun, drill bazooka, lnife

Shredder as Darth Vader
Basically shredder dressed as Darth Vader
3 new heads: Normal Darth Vader, Shredderized Vader and yellow eyed Sith Oroku Saki head.
Removable lightclaws and shoulder spikes.

April as Xena:
Normal April head and Xena Wig April head
Basically April dressed as a White and gold Xena
Sword and Chakram. 

Ace Duck as Iceman (Top Gun):
Basically Ace Duck with a Val Kilmer flattop and a flightsuit. 
Heads the Kilmer head and a Helmeted head.

Foot Soldier as Putty Patroller:
Essentially a foot Soldier dressed as a Rita Repulsa putty patroller.

Of course this list is a joke list. I had other ideas as well:

-Donatello as Spengler
-Mike as Pee-Wee Herman
-April as Buffy (a reverse reference to the CG TMNT movie where Buffy voiced April)
-Muckman as Toxie
-Leatherhead as Crocodile Dundee
-Slash as King Koopa (live action)
-Rocksteady as Scarface
-Baxter as Brundlefly
-Splinter as Mr. Lee (sidekicks) yes a nod to Mako who voiced Splinter in TMNT.
-Shredder as M. Bison
-Casey Jones as Johnny Cage.
-Leonardo as Zorro
-Bebop as Terminator
-Raphael as Hulk Hogan
-Wingnut as Michael Keaton (Batman returns) with Screwball as Marlon Wayans (who almost got to play Robin)
-Mousers as Shriekers (tremors 2)

I know this is impossible due to it being a logistical nightmare, due to all the licenses involved.

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