Apr 2, 2024

Spider-Man 2: I have complaints

 Earlier I said that MJ looked Ugly... Nearly EVERYONE looks like they were hit with the ugly stick to different degrees. Pete got a little hit after he was under the knife for Miles Morales Spider-Man, Felicia got a slight tap 
Still less manly looking than SM2 MJ

Mary Jane got a beating by it, Norman got a few taos, so did JJJ, Former Captain Watanabe got hit by it. The only ones who didn't get hot by it are Miles's Mom and Girlfriend.

Speaking of Miles, I hate the neo generic black character hairstyle he's got. Aka the gentrified locs. Hell there's a dumb costume that showcases the gentrified locs on Miles.

Like what the hell!? That's easy access for some Morales DNA not to mention it showcases WHY Miles can't physically have that hairstyle and wear a Spidey mask. The fade from past gamrs MADE Sense. Also that's why they changed Pete's hairstyle. 

What in the Panderverse is this bullshit!?
He's not even a real Puerto Rican as in he wasn't born in Puerto Rico, NONE of his parents were born in Puerto Rico. But despite this suit being pure pandering is what a Nuyorrican would wear, hence it's my main Miles Suit and I want a Marvel Legend of it just to make fun of it. 

I just got to the point right after the Lizard battle and noticed something peculiar... Aside Peter and Manly James Watson, The Osborns, Kraven, and Curt Connors, most of the interactions outside the main story missions have 98% PoCs. I helped a gay indian boy ask his black boyfriend for homecoming. Helped a black lady fond her grandpa with dementia wait... there was the white dude who had the instruments stolen from a museum because of white entitlement... 

I don't mind having gay characters what pisses me off is that Spider-Man is helping a person ask another person for the homecoming dance. Gimme a mission where Spider-Man saves a gay couple from muggers. I still havent found any latinos, much less Nuyorricans in the game. And no, Sandman saying mjia a few times doesn't make him or her Puerto Ricans... Hispanics was in 2020 the second largest demographic in NYC and there's very little of that in this game... hell Even Mysterio looks kinda Middle Eastern/West Asian in this game.
This is Comic Book Mysterio, who looks like the love child of Moe and Spock.

What I'm trying to say is that you're all doing diversity wrong, which is causing the pushback against "forced diversity" or "woke". You CAN have gay characters. But don't use them in tacky missions like the Homecoming mission. In fact the mission ruined the gay one off characters for me. Just as in Miles Morales you guys threw his fake "Puerto Ricanhood" to be "diverse", here you're doing more of the same. It feels more like you're ticking boxes than trying to make modern NYC feel more natural... as natural as a Marvel universe can be.

Another complaint: That Howard Mission hit me so fucking hard, that it feels illegal for a Pigeon mission to do that.

Also, fuck insomniac for killing Shocker. They robbed us of a Shocker chase with a symbiote powered Peter.

Now I need to beat the game and review it.

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