Apr 11, 2024

OJ Simpson is dead...

 As I just said, OJ Simpson is dead. It's kinda hard to talk about this, becuase we're in a similar spot as the Chris Benoit suicide issue.
Benoit killed his family before killing himself.
In OJ's case the death of Nicole Brown, the police chase, making Kim Kardashian's dad famous (he was one of OJ's lawyers) also Simpson may be Khloe Kardashian's real dad. (Just as Gary Busey may be Eric Trunp's dad). I know he was a football player but to me he was Nordberg.
So, yeah... the Cookie Monster is dead... Why cookie monster? Well, he was smuggling cookie in jail... and the whole Nicole Brown murder thing, got him the Cookie Monster moniker. He ended up in jail in 2008 due to an incident in 2007 where he was trying to recover stolen memorabilia or something and it went to shit... in pure Nordberg fashion. So OJ is dead.

Yeah. OJ simpson is dead.

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