Apr 8, 2024

Spider-Man 2:the review: the rant

 I am one New Game+ short of a Platinum Trophy, so I guess it's time to review Marvel's Spider-Man 2:

I recently replayed both Spider-Man with the DLC and Miles Morales games. The big disadvantage about this has to do with the games being too similar to each other. Without realizing it, this meant that I beat the game in less than a week off intermediate gaming sessions.

The graphics look nice, despite the game having the characters look uglier than the first game. There weren't that many graphical hiccups, but there were a few... honestly I found the PS4 prequel more impressive from a visual standpoint, despite the PS5 sequelhavng technically better graphics.

Sounds and music:
The background music, I like the first game as a bit of its cinematic appeal. The voice acting, like in the previous game is top notch I honestly have no complaints about it in this area. Okay, maybe some of the random citizens had some sort of goofy voices but they weren't that grating.

For the Most part they're effective... when playing as one of the Spider-Men. Whenever the game try to be something Else Controls were slightly janky... bycicles, Mary Jane sections, random Rythm section, and other mini games I'm looking at you.

Remember the previous two games? Well we get more of that. We also get more Mary Jane missions, but this time she has a gun. We get some random, stupid, annoying mini games that will make you wish you could be swinging across New York as Peter or Miles.

Fun Factor:
Despite the annoying Mini games, being too short, weird and rushed elements, the game is a fun experience. Is it better than the first one? I honestly don't know. But for me despite the technical improvements the overall experience feels inferior to the first game.

They Spider-Man 3'd Spider-Man 2. We got Sandman, we got evil Harry, we got Venom, we got Bully Lowenthal... bunch of great ideas on paper that weren't allowed to fully cook.

Kraven who is supposed to solo everything was some sort of "mob boss" who had an army of mercenaries that hunted for him. 98% of Kraven's badassery happened Off-Screen. Taskmaster was more of a hinter in the first game than Kraven here.

Harry was ¼ asssed and rushed... all for the sake of thee. Symbiote, which. Was also rushed. It almost felt like a Batman v. Superman mess.

Spider-Man 2 gets a 7.92 as its final score. This is not a $70 experience. If you can buy it used and reasonably under retail, it's a much better option than paying full price for the game. The game is a disappoiintment. But, I have to replay it just to get that last damned trophy.

I don't think I'll get Spider-Man 3 on PS6 when it comes out.

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