Apr 25, 2024

Jumanji: The Board game: The rant

 Remember the only good Jumanji movie? Well, Cardinal games made the boardgame.

Sadly, I bought mine at Kmart and it was incomplete. Missing the Rhino token. A penny wrapped in painters tape is my temp Rhino token until I get creative. Didn't take any pics, since this review is essentially my thoughts after playing Jumanji for the first time.

We tried a two player game to pass the time until the others came. 

The game is almost unplayable in two player mode. You get to lose multiple times until you somehow get lucky. The timer is too short (slightly under 11 seconds) and the eight sided dice seem to be player unfriendly. Older versions with two six-sided dice might be better. The premise is rather simple. Roll the die and reach the center. Once you reach the center, yell: Jumanji! and you win.

 Most of the rules for the drawing of a danger card. You read the riddle and it's a race to roll the dice to match the correct symbol. You fail, which you will a lot. This forces you to put the danger card on the Doomsday section of the board. Failed the Doomsday section you lose. 

The rhinoceros token can cause trouble to players by blocking the path and forcing the players to retreat. The game is a lot easier and slightly more enjoyable as a four player game. But not by much. One thing the game doesn't mention is that you need a 5th person as referee to watch the timer and to ensure that other players aren't cheating.

If you can find the game for cheap, and have at least five people with you, try it. If not, you can Easily skip it!

Using stock photo because I didn't take pics during game night.

After beating Jumanji, we got into a few drinks and sing for half drunk 40 somethings play Mr Bucket was hilariously awful.

Next time I'll bring Crossfire!!

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