Apr 10, 2024

Top 5 most wanted GI Joe Ultimates:

 I don't collect GI JOE Ultimates. BUT Baroness and Snake Eyes ended up becoming the bases for Nick's Dad and Stepmom. My interest in the Joes is mostly for customizing. Lady Jaye was a mistake. (Still figuring how to salvage her and how to reviwe her fairly) BUT! There are a few Joes I want to have Regardless of my feelings on the Ultimates line and the current bullshit of not being able to ship to Puerto Rico... Hopefully they'll fix this soon.

Without Further Ado, here are my top 5 Joes that I want to own in Ultimates form.


Come on! You expect me to talk about a Sailor and NOT Make a Shenmue reference!? That's like me not making a Hannah Montana reference when talking about Miley Cyrus. But Shipwreck is one of my favorite Joes. And I want him in all his village people glory. 
I vote for a soft goods coat as seen here:

Of course he won't end up being Shipwreck... He's probably going to be a supporting character in MuTeens or something.

Let me specify: Orange pants Green Tanktop Roadblock. Why?
And that's the closest we could get to a Terry Crews figure. No, but seriously, it's Body Massage why I want him.

DiC Cobra Commander:
We can't have the proper Cobra Commander because of Lorenzo di Bonaventura (fuck that asshole) then give us the Arnored look from the DiC cartoon. It's The Best of Both Worlds. (Mandatory Hannah Montana reference.)

Sgt. Slaughter:
It's Sgt. Slaughter need I say more? Of course, this one will be Sergeant Slaughter because Sergeant Slaughter is Sergeant Slaughter.

PD Destro:
It's a Destro repaint that will surely sell. You know it, I know it, even my dead mom knows it.

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