Apr 20, 2024

Dumb easy to make variants for S7 Ultimates:

 We've seen the SDCC 2024 Mikey:
So, the idea is try to think of "easy variants" to make that won't make Playmates mad, yet appealing to fans. I won't be making a Michelangelo, since the figure above exists.

City Ninja Leonardo:
Body construction:
Vanilla Leonardo body new belt with sword loop on both sides
UC Raph head and Leonardo head
Bluish Grey UC Raph coat
Grey and silver Samurai Leo Cat Claws.
2× short swords from Samurai/wandering Leo.
3× Kunai
surfin Mike glasses in dark blue.
Mike grappling hook
While Playmates could say it hits a bit close to UC Leo, with the trenchcoat and the hat... the colors aren't the same and the accessories are different. This Leonardo isn't a spy. It's a ninja wearing a costune to blend in.

Grease Monkey Donatello;
Body construction:
Vanilla Donatello with wandering Leo elbow pads.
Black Chef Mike apron
Bo staff from Slam Dunk Don.
Tools from party Wagon (recolored)
Tool Box from party wagon (recolored)
Welding mask from party wagon (recolored)
SCUBAjet prototype. (No spear)

Basically what Donatello wears when he does machines. Also, he has a prototype machine for him to do. Which is a nod to a Playmates toy variant.

Vigilante Raph:
Body Construction:
Rocker Leo torso and arms.
Punker Don legs and feet.
2× Raphael normal head (one with Facepaint emulating Casey's mask)
Casey Jones weapons
New Golf bag with strap to fit a Turtle shell.

It's a slight nod to Movie Casey Jones in a Super7's being lazy way.

Let's see if I can do some of the Supporting non-turtle characters:

Oroku Saki:
Body construction:
Shredder body, casey shoulders, foot soldier boots. Modified forearms (no hole for Shredder armor) 
New Oroku Saki head, Shredder Helmet (silver and blue)
Katana, short sword
Fuchsia Shredder tunic (soft goods)
Purple Kimono top (soft goods)
Dark grey Hakama (soft goods)
Black shredder belt (soft goods)

Hamato Yoshi:
Body construction:
Same as Oroku Saki, except the new Hamato Yoshi heads (normal, strawhat head.)
Fuchsia Splinter Tunic (soft goods)
Black splinter belt (soft goods)
Light grey Hakama (soft goods)
Fuchsia tunic (soft goods)
Zatoichi styled cane sword.

Both of these are a nod to the Mutation figures without mutatin or being identical to Playmates.

Toitle Tenderizin' Bebop:
Body construction:
Neck down Normal Bebop repainted:
Black vest, gold shells and chains, black pants, shoes. 
2 new heads: 1 normal bebop wit a ball and chain attached to his neck. The second head is the same as the first but with a swappable ball and chain
Sculpted twirling ball and chain
Sculpted still ball and chain

This is a nod to Manhattan project and a nod to head spinning bebop.

Shredder Elite foot soldier:
Add a cloth cape and normal ninja rack weapons and we're done. Maybe throwing in a normal Foot Soldier head for army building.

Any of the non vintage Punk Frogs:
Take Genghis, repaint him and give him either Splinter's bow and arrows and a new hand or a new spiked mace. They're sitting on easy reuse potential.

Anchorwoman April:
Body construction:
I'm aware that Super7 has the parts to make a "naked" female body. We'd only need a new "sleeveless top" and reuse the bare arms and legs for her. (Maybe new high heels)
Soft goods Blazer and skirt.
Channel6 badge
Turtle communicator

This is a take on the Ravishing Reporter April without stepping on Playmates' toes.

Sewer Emperor Rat King:
Body Construction:
Rat King Body from the neck down. (Recolored in Tournament Fighters colors is a possibility)
New heads:
(Prettyboy face with Vintage styled hair) aka a more Tournament Fighters inspired version. (Vintage face but with more bandages covering the head and face) a more Mirage inspired version.
Tarp cape (soft goods)
Royal staff made of a broken Footski flagpole with soft goods Rat Kingdom flag.
Royal crossbow
3× rat subjects (the same from the canceled wave 10 Rat king)

Also, Kyle, just give yhe people Pizzaface for wave 13 and stop your whining about him being icky!

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