Apr 11, 2024

It came from the Toy Chest: ATV compatible with Ultimates!?

 Yes, it's another Wrekkin' vehicle. I believe it's the final vehicle on the list. I hate it, but I love it! Let me explain. The vehicle is decent, but it needs to be 20% cooler. 
I'm gonna try a different approach:

What I like:
  • Scale: it easily fits Super7 Ultimates. Perfect for a diorama display.
  • Modularity of the "action feature" lever. This vehicle has a lever to flip out an action figure just like the forklift. This one can be kept in modes that aren't intrusive with the sculpting. It also has a bit of a Toyetic look with it turningninto a battering ram.
  • Can seat two figures. 
  • If I Jam something the correct size on the action feature mechanism I can make a sort of rear shielding for the ATV. Perfect for some of my crazier ideas.
What I hate:
  • Steering wheel action feature. It ruins the illusion of realism with the weird c-clips on the steering wheel.
  • Flipping feature. It's a waste of space on the vehicle that could've been used for better disassembly. 
  • Breakbility feature seems limited due to the springloaded features.
  • The Big E figure has very limited range for articulation EVEN by Basic figure standards.
Alicia: What the Hell! That's a Velociraptor!
Barbara: Aren't they supposed to have feathers?
Susan the velociraptor: I shaved because of GaneDude!
Nick: ¿Qué?

Barbara: Licia stand back.
Licia: Nick Kill those overgrown chickens!
Susan: Let me lick your toes Nick!
Doreen: It's Nick R. Cade! He fucks everything with a vagina! Mount me Nick!
Nick: What the fuck is wrong with y'all? Instead of Velociraptors, you should be called Velociputas.

Nick: Wait they're eating the ATV?
Susan: Mmm! Nick Rammed me with this!
Doreen: I can almost taste his ball sweat from the seat.
Alicia: Niiiiiiick you asshole! Do something!

Big E: I'll save you MuTeens and Little girl!
Alicia: I'm 20!!
Big E: I didn't know.
Susan: Ow!
Doreen: You always wanted a guy to fall for you, Susan.

Big E: I didn't forget about you! Say Uncle!
Susan: Oh yes! Spitroast me Big E and Nick! Oh Hammond I'm cumming!
Big E: What the F-?
Nick: I hope that coming is with am o and a single m.
Alicia: sounded like an u and double m to me. Whaddya think, cow?
 Barbara: A masturbating Velociraptor wasn't on my weirdest things I'll ever see as a MuTeen BINGO card..

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