Apr 17, 2024

My wishlist for a McFarlane weapons pack:

 You know McFarlane makes weapons packs mostly Guns. Pack 3 will show up in the Advent Calendar 2024. While doing the review I though: Nefty, let's make a Theoretical McFarlane Weapons Pak and here we are.

New weapons:
-Mauser "Broomhandle"
-HK Mk23 with Laser sight
-FP45 Liberator
-2× Colt Single Action Army
-Walther P38 with stock and sight.

Reused weapons: from (packs 1 and 2)
-2× Gold Walther P38
-sci-Fi stubby gun w/silver with red accents
-Gold FN-P90
-frankenstein gun in silver and wood
-Gold cork gun
-Black with gunmetal accents Sniper Rifle
-Cammo pattern Machine gun
-Gold AK47
-Gold Thompson Submachinegun

The gold guns are tacky gangsta version of other guns. The rest of the recolores I tried to make them somewhat logical and that could be used across multiple lines not exclusive to McFarlane. The new weapons most of you could guess the kind of references I was going for. Some of them are from a former license that McFarlane had about 20 years ago. (Mainly the mk23, the dual SAA, and the Liberator). I suggested the Mauser, because it's freaking awesome. Also, I love the Walther P38, hence the fully decked out version in gunmetal... I don't want to enrage the Rhode Island Siblings too much.

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