Apr 21, 2024

Tokb Raider Action Figures: a rant

 Square Enix no longer owns Tomb Raider, so there are no more Play Arts TR figures... thank goodness. Those are overpriced as fuck. But I'm not looking at "survivor era" Lara. I'm looking at Classoc Era Lara... where ironically one of the better Sculpts was from Playmates, but the toy was like 5 poa and NECA made a statue or two with 3 poa or something. The more Articulated Lara Croft was the nightmarish toy from ToyBiz.

So, All Im asking for is a modern take on Classic Laras. Like say, using Tomb Raider Anniversary as a base design.

Choosing TR Anniversary as a base since it's a graphical update to the original Tomb Raider. 

Here's a reference to all the outfits used by Lara.

NECA would be the best option for TR figures, but MOTUC Compatible Lara Croft makes me lean towards Super7 in this thought exercise... despite me being mad about the whole can't make preorders from Puerto Rico thing.

TR 1 Lara:
3 heads: Neutral, angry, smiling.
3 ponytail attachments: 1 no braid, 1 braided   1 tightly tied up bun
Standrard hands (c grips, wide grips, fists, expressive hands, ledge hanging hands)
Her twin guns, shotgun, glasses backpack, small medikit.

TR2 Bomber Jacket Lara:
Same body as TR1 Lara but new Jacket overlay and arms.
Same heads, ponytails and hands as TR1 Lara.
Uzis, Machinegun, glasses, backpack, large medikit, jade dragon.

TR 2 Wetsuit Lara:
New wetsuit body based on the Anniversary Lara. Same heads and hands as past Laras.
Harpoon gun, Large and small Medikits, Silver dragon

TR3 South Pacific Lara:
New torso with bare midriff and more "revealing" top. Everything else comes from Classic Lara.
Add appropriate accessories with TR3 weapons.

TR3 Nevada Lara:
Reuse the SoPa Lara torso with new legs and add the appropriate accessories with TR3 Weapons.

TR3 Antarctic Lara:
New jacket and arms on the SoPa top. (Jacket covers bare midriff. Mold in shirt color just in case) with Nevada pants in Antarctica colors.

TRTLC: Teen Lara:
Everything here is new. Use game appropriate accessories.

TRC Lara:
This is the revised Classic Look, most of the accessories as TR1 Lara but now she gets the low cut top from TR2 and beyond. Also some game appropriate accessories.

Last but not least Tomb Raider 2 Nightgown Lara.
This Lara would need new bare hands, new bare legs, new crotch and the South Pacific torso with a soft goods nightgown. 
For accessories a flare, shotgun, box of flares, and gold dragon. 

But a bunch of Laras a Tomb Raider line do not make. So other characters are needed:

Werner von Croy
Pierre DuPont
Marco Bartoli
Dr. Willard

Just to name a few.

Logistically speaking NECA would be better for me but availability has been a bit of a bitch.

Yes I'm playing Tomb Raider 1-3 remastered, hence this "newfound" interest in Classic Lara Croft.

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