Apr 9, 2024

I liked Frozen Empire but

 It's time to let the franchise die. Not only that, but it felt wrong. Like Ghostbusters 2 on crack. Or an episode of The Real Ghostbusters with Teenage Lesbian Ghost Romance... heavily censored to avoid critics... I mean borderline "Amara and Michelle are cousins" level of censorship. I have a faulty gaydar but while watching that movie LESBIANS kept popping up on my faulty gaydar. Before anyone starts to say: "She's a minor!" or "stop sexualizing a child!" ALL I'M SAYING is that the scenes between Phoebe and Melody gave off romantic vibes, since they're both vagina owners, that makes it lesbians. If it had been two penis owners it would've been 

The movie also felt castrated as if to appeal kids. I know Ghostbusters 2 was made more in line with The Real Ghostbusters. This one makes Ghostbusters 2 feel like the first Ghostbusters. This movie is like Walter Peck

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