Apr 7, 2024

Another I NEED to fill in rosters for TMNT ULTIMATES!

 Yes, I'm mad about the Super7 FedEx price gouging bullshit, but at the same time I have to rally for certain characters to be done in the line, so it feels satisfying when it eventually ends.

Punk Frogs:
I've mentioned many ways how the Punk Frogs can be completed. Whether we get a vintage accurate Napoleon or cartoon base, I honestly don't care. I just want the four Punk Frogs. A part of me would prefer vintage toy line Style, but for the sake of Super7 laziness I wouldn't say no to a cartoon inspired Genghis repaints.
A middle of the road option is a Toy Napoleon and getting Attila and Rasputin as repaints of Genghis and Napoleon. With that we close the Punk Frogs.

I know some folks would like to have a vintage toy accurate usagi, I'm not one of those. I'd prefer the unarmored Samurai look for him. Hell I'll take a 2003 Ultimates Usagi instead of the vintage one.

Channel 6 crew:
Like Nefty was going to forget about Vernon, Burne, and Irma. 
Toy inspired sculpts but toon colors is a start. Kinda like the Zobovor customs seen in this rant. I'm going to get detailed here!
Tuck his shirt in like the cartoon. Have a swappable pen protector (clean and dirty)
The TP can be plugged to the foot. I'd give him 3 heads (Neutral, Playmates inspired, and with a hat) add the UC Raph trenchcoat as one of his accessories. He used a Trenchcoat and fedora in an episode. It makes him different from both Playmates and NECA. I'll let S7 figure the other accessories.

Soft goods all the way. It's not for perverted reasons. Rita Repulsa has a soft goods dress. You see where I'm going with this. A sculpted outfit would make Irma a statue. The other reason is to have  at least 2 outfits: a toon outfit and a Playmates inspired outfit. Again, this is to differentiate her from Playmates and NECA. Then there's what they could be hiding under the soft goods clothing. Here we can go 2 ways: 
1987 toon with a Modified Super Irma Outfit...
Scantly clad barbarian look from Mutant Turtles Gaiden.

Super Irma route:
3 heads: Normal, ditzy, angry. Swappable ponytails: Normal and wirh Super Irma tiara.
Swappable lower legs and soft goods super cape...  in addition to the playmates and toon outfits.

Gaiden Irma:
4 heads: American neutral and ditzy, Japanese Blonde and Spiky-haired Barbarian.
Here we need 3 outfits:
Japanese (short skirt, bare midriff top that hide her Barbarian underwear)

While the Neftyverse would benefit from Gaiden, I prefer Super.

This one is mostly toon based, but toss in some extra pieces to make the Archie Vernon as well. Again, the idea is to make him different from both NECA and Playmates. Basically an Archie comics inspired alternate head and vest and call it a day. 

Dask and Kala to round up the team. The Playmates Embargo is what worries me for the accessories department. Honestly, I'm looking for Kala the most and hope that there's some compatibility with Alice so I can make customs.

Don the undercover Turtle:
Yes, I made a custom. No, I need an official Release. That's it.

Scale Tail:
I'm not exactly his biggest fan, as I'm not a fan of serpents, vipers and other snakes as in the animal. But, since he's one of the bosses in radical rescue, he deserves a spot.

Groundchuck and Dirtbag:
I had Groundchuck as a kid. The Manhattan Project pipe could be a nice addition to the figure. I want this dup to happen since they're Rocksteady and Bebop 2.0... or 3.0 depending on who came first, them or Tokka and Rahzar.

Tokka and Rahzar:
I want to have the Turtles in time or Manhattan Project rosters in my TMNT... period.

Chrome Dome:
Had him as a kid and Tournament Fighters is reason enough for me to want him.

Kevin Nash:
Yeah, if I want a Turtles in time Roster, I need Kevin Nash. If you didn't know, Kevin Nash was Super Shredder.

Mona Lisa:
She would help round up MY Mutanimals. I know she wasn't in any official iteration of the team but, she could prove useful just to round out the group. (Token girl and also a science student)

Because Fuck you Kyle! Yes, he's grotesque, disturbing and gross... that's why we love him. Fuck, I'll buy TWO! IF HE GETS MADE! 

Genral Traag: (Granitor and rock soldier army builder)
I have mentioned a couple of times how these could be done

Krang's Android Body:
No need to explain this one.

Of course, I may be open for other characters as well, since I've ended up buying most of the unique characters with mo exception so far. Once the infamous Triceraton wave shows up, I'll have to get the unique characters I didn't preorder.

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