Apr 3, 2024

NECA has a 1:1 M3gan doll.

 For $500 plus shipping you can get your own M3gan doll. Rooted hair, soft goods clothing... and I'm getting mildly creeped out. Mostly because of M3gan's face looking a lot like a sex doll's. 

Similar vibes...

Her height puts her in scale with 140cm adult dolls. Which means that a customizer could easily make a M3gan sex doll. Before people try to spin this into "me sexualizing M3gan", I'm only pointing out how easily this 1:1 doll could be repurposed with less than noble ends. In other words, the lifesized M3gan was a Mistake.

At least it's not a 1:1 Small Wonder... wait... M3GAN is to Small Wonder what Brightburn is to superman...

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