Apr 27, 2024

Games that I played that people probably don't remember:

 Videogames are now in an era where games get lost due to online only reasons ie Mario Maker, Animal Crossing, just to name two of Nintendo's requiring online to play. Pretty much everything from Ubisoft requires an online connection. Even single player games, which is bullshit. I want to talk about NES/SMS era all the way to DC/PS2/GC/XB eras. 

Tiger Heli: Old arcade game. I only remember the NES port. Rented it a few times. 

I remember the port for the OG Spy Hunter as well... but SEGA had its own Spy Hunter Knock-off: Action Master. I rented this one alongside the OG Rampage a lot. I can't believe I forgot this game until recently when I saw some clips from the weird Spy Hunter game starrumg Rocky Maivia

I smelled what the Rock cooked and I sent it back to the chef.

The Startropics duology:
I've mentioned this series a couple of times on the blog. This was the "American Zelda"by Nintendo, which has been swept under the rug.

Rampage Series:
I orefered the SMS version until the World Tour PS1 era  series came. I still have world tour on PS1 but kinda hard to llay PS1 games when current SONY Consoles lack backyards compatibility.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Arcade game:
Everybody remembers the Sega Genesis game I said it was one of the early Genesis releases, but not everyone believes that there was an arcade game I know that one existed because I used to play it at a video club that had this game, I'll treat beast, and the original TMNT arcade game. Displays was close to where I lived as a kid and in my college days. And also close to where my uncle lived. That I had plenty of access to this place with these arcade games and that's where we rented some NES, SMS, and SNES games.

RoadRunner (unlicensed NES Game): 
To say that I hated this game was an understatement. I fucking hated this game. But for the 3 days that I rented this game, it made me hate The Ballad of William Tell and I couldn't hear it for over a year without raging. Did I mention that this game fucking sucked cuz the game fucking sucked. But I'm a masochist and probably would like to play the game again.

Out of this world:
This game is an experience. People who were actually able to play it say so. Me? I'll stick to looking at the walkthrough on a gamepro magazine. I played it once didn't get into it because it confused early teen me. And adult me, most likely doesn't have to patience to deal with a game as frustrating as this. That's also the reason why I cannot play the Don Bluth games.

Terminator 2 on The Game Boy:
It's not that great, it's short, but it was one of the few Game Boy games that I owned. So I have a soft spot for this game even though I only beat it twice and once was with Game Genie. The theme still brings me chills

Blast Chamber:
PS1 era game that no one remembers or thinks it was real.
It was. My brother and I used to play the living shit out of the multiplayer mode. I enjoyed the ngle player puzzles.

God Bless the Ring EZ:

Or the first arena fighter with FF7 People. Yes, I got it because of the FF7 people... HEY That's also how I found out about FFT...

Variable Geo:
Nefty, why are you adding an eroge here? A friend Of Mine from High School Had a  super famicom, so he could play japanese games. Something something relative stationed in Japan something. That's how he got X-Men versus Street Fighter on the Saturn with the ram expansion pack. Since he had access two Japanese consoles and games, he had a few Japanese games and among them was the snes version of variable geo. I want to play a legit uncensored (aside the mosaic censorship of the ero art to comply with Japanese law) of the game.

Voltage fighters Gowkaizer:
Another game from said friend, I didn't like this game that much but I mostly remember it from the OVA. Hell, he was one of the few reasons why I know about the Neo Geo in person.

Most of Capcom's licensed fighting games from the 90s:
Essentially the the 2D Marvel versus series, JoJo... sure, everyone remembers that Marvel versus series but not everyone remembers that Capcom made JoJo games before they were cool. I just want to replay the 90s  fighting Capcom library of licensed games without having to buy a $400 arcade machine. I know, licensing issues.

A lot of games are being left in the past forgotten outside of piracy which I'm not condoning. From popular games like Spider-Man 2

To your favorite odd game that hasn't seen the light since 1993. It's sad that these games become memories and are not immortalized.

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