Apr 6, 2024

Super7 hates Puerto Rico or something

 I WAS going to order the Beastie Boys Sabotage wave... the whole shebang especially with the $7 domestic shipping that included Puerto Rico. Things have changed and it became like $15, which is reasonable, but now... Let me let the picture do the talking for me:

Forst they stopped allowing PayPal Pay in 4... (eBay has recently done the same... fuck!) Now Super7 is using FedEx for shipping and it's fucking ridiculous!  Right now as it is, Super7 is asking me to buy one figure for the price of three! 
Right now going to scalpers is a lot cheaper than going through Super7
Ended up buying a Doctor Strange and
From Hasbro Pulse instead. And now they have cheaper shipping options to Puerto Rico!! 
I want to buy stuff straight from Super7, but I don't want to pay $110 shipping for a $55 figure. Even Hasbro Pulse didn't rape me that hard with FedEx shipping. At worst it was like $30 on shipping.

Toyguru must have the biggest boner right now because I'm criticizing Super7 right now. Point is that I will criticize everyone who pulls off something that negatively affects customers. I don't play favorites.
Now they don't ship to Puerto Rico.

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