Apr 13, 2024

JoJo Siwa's Bizarre Adventure: a rant

 JoJo Siwa was barely on my radar... aside a worst JoJo joke and seeing some of her Merchandise being around back in my Kmart days. But recently she became an adult and came out the closet. Or came out the closet, then she became an adult... well, she's trying to pull off a Miley, but...

She looks like a Stand... No seriously:

She looks like a Stand of herself... I think I got all the better JoJo references out of the way. I get it, she's trying to shed the kid image that she has. Just like Miley Cyrus tried to get rid of Hannah Montana back in the past, but JoJo is doing it far worse and is currently a JoJoke. 

These "edgy" attempts at looking "mature" are failing bad. There's nothing innovative or original about them. She looks like AI generated art of the prompts Jojo Siwa and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure... or KISS from temu. They make JoJo look like a child pretending to be an adult. Hell, it took Miley to reach her 30s in order to make people kinda forget she once was Hannah Montana... but it wasn't the edgy outfits or the ridiculous amount of tattoos. It was her music.

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