Apr 14, 2024

I started watching some more recent anime.

 By recent I mean made after I became an orphan and aren't Sword Art Online, because fuck Kirito, not in that way. I have to thank Hulu, not sponsored... I mean I don't have sponsors, but for the sake of transparency and pretending to have ethics in blogging.

So, here are the three Anime I'm currently watching:

Green Naruto

So, Konosuba... despite being recent, it feels like a 90s anime trapped in current year... being a parody of fantasy games and isekai anime helps it rank better, as it appeals to my immature self. It's an acquired taste and not for everyone.

Spy×Family... it's weird. I don't like it... for the most part. Then there's 
The most realistic depiction of a preschooler in anime, Anya... or how some people have called her pink haired anime grogu...

WTF? It actually makes sense from a certain point of view... as in the only reason to watch Mando is to see what will Grogu do, to me Spy×Family, the whole Loid is a spy and Yor is an assassin is meh to me. I just want to see how Anya will fulfill her mission.

Then there's Green Naruto, which I SHOULD HATE, but for some reason I'm already in Season 4. Honestly, I wasn't planning on watching this one. Sadly someone said to me: "Yo, Nefty! Y'gotta see My Hero Academia. Izuku is totally teenaged you!" Well, I fucking hate that person. I'm freaking Deku... but Teenage me would be more like Minetta as well. Speaking of, I don't get the Minetta hate. He's a wimpy teen who dreams to be cool. Yes, he's cowardly and perverted, but teens are hormonal... but current year. 

In any case I can't believe I've devoured over 3 seasons of Boku no Hero. But Netflix brought an old friend... Great Teacher Onizuka.

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