Apr 1, 2024

Odds and ends: worst day for news edition

 It's the worst day of the year to run news because It's April fools... but I'm doing some odd news that are old. Like:

E. Coli CAN play Doom. That is all... I mean, what else can you say, we can run doom on organisms now. Arguments invalid or something. This is how humanity falls.

Happy Belated Birthday to Mr. Feeny/KITT. William Daniels is celebrating his 97th Birthday today. I hope he is well. Also, I'll take this moment to thank him for all the people he inspired with his performance as George Feeny. (Also the writers, but I don't know thwm or their birthdays)

Iron Man Marvel legends incoming, finally a comic book Whiplash/blacklash, count Nefaria, but the best fogure of the wave is She-Hulk plus 3 Ironman Variants...

Got Spider-Man 2 and dabbled with it for a couple of hours... I had a mission with Harry Osborn and Peter... Duck you game, duck you hard... 
I still won't forgive you for your diversity team making Miles Cuban, but damn MJ looks like she's in her mid 40s. Yet She's supposed to be in her later half of her 20s.
The Rocky Dennis image is completely unrelated other than being a readhead.

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