Mar 31, 2024

What if Super7 did Mortal Kombat:

 Based on the First Game Only. Just for the sake of completing a roster. If successful then we move to MK2, then 3 and I don't care after that.

So, let's see who we have available:

Liu Kang
Johnny Cage 
Shang Tsung

That's 10 figures or 3 waves of 3 figures and a single Oversized Goro Release.

Wave 1:

Liu Kang:
2 heads: Neutral, angry.
Hands: standard hands for Liu Kang 
Accessories: fireball with stand.

Liu Kang is a vanilla release with nothing flashy to add. 

3 heads: Ninja masked head, MK2 head, MK2 reptilian head with articulated jaw and swappable tongues
Hands: standard hands for MK Ninja
Scorpion's spear long and short
Subzero iceball with stand.
Removed MK2 Ninja Mask
Force bubble effects
Acid spit effect

I know I am adding Mortal Kombat 2 elements to this Reptile. The reason I'm doing this is so it doesn't feel like a cheap repaint. It also means that I'm planning ahead for the Mortal Kombat 2 invisble variant release by pre-making some parts.

Sonya Blade:
3 heads: MK1 styled neutral, mk1 deadly kiss head, non canonical MK3 styled neutral head
Hands: standard Sonya hands
Energy rings with stand, deadly kiss, pile of ashes with some bones showing.

I'm adding the MK3 head as a preview of things to come and as a backup in case MK3 doesn't happen.

Super7's extortion pak:
-Movie styled Liu Kang head
-GITD Force Bubble and acid spit effects for Reptile
-MK3 Deadly kiss Sonya head.

Wave 2:

3 heads: Normal, normal with holes on eyes for GITD Lightning effects, Non canonical movie inspired head (Pesina likeness but with Lambert hair)
Hands: Standard Raiden hands, hands with plug holes for victory Lightning effects
GITD Lightning effect with stand
GITD Lightning effets that can be put on his arms and legs.
GITD lightning effect that plugs on head 2's eyeholes.
GITD Victory Lightning effects that plug in hands.

This figure is also setting up the precedent for a glow in the dark variant teleporting Raiden. Gotta milk those non-ninja molds.

Johnny Cage:
3 heads: neutral, angry, smiling
Hands: standard JC hands. Hand for holding intact glasses, hand for holding autographed photo, hand holding marker.
GITD green plasma ball with stand
$500 Glasses (intact)
$500 Glasses (smashed)
Signed Autograph.

There is a bit going on with Cage, but not that much. Also, I'm setting up a GITD Green "afterimage" variant.

2 heads: MK1, MK2
hands, standard Sub-Zero hands
Ice ball with stand
Hands with icy effects for the deep freeze fatality, spine and skull with hinged jaw for the MK1 fatality.

Super7 extortion pak:
-movie inspired Raiden head with holes for GITD Lightning effects
-soft goods MK2 blue overlay and slip on bicep armor.
-Movie inspired Cage head
-Frozen spine and skull

Wave 3:

3 heads: neutral, angry, with hole for firing laser
Hands: standard hands, Heart hand
Thrown knife with stand
Laser effect that plugs on head 3
Heart for heart hand
Plug in Blood splatter effect to simulate Kano sticking his hand into the opponent.

Shang Tsung:
Reuses Liu Kang body with Soft goods outfit.
4 Heads: Old Neutral, Old angry, Young Neutral, Young Angry.
Standard Shang Tsung hands.
MK1 sword
Skull fireball with stand
Mk2 top (soft goods)

Shang Tsung is a 2-in-1 figure and also takes a MK2 figure out of the to do list. Most of his cost lies on the soft goods.

3 Heads: MK1, MK2, Skull with hinged jaw from Sub-Zero fatality.
Hands: standard Scorpion hands
Removed mask MK1
Removed mask MK2
Spear long and short
Fire breath effect
Sonya's pile of bones and ashes

Super7 extortion pak:
-Movie styled Kano head
-GITD soul sucking hands for Shang Tsung
-Scorpion skull repainted in smoldering colors with clip on flaming effects.

Wave 4:

He's big...
3 Heads: Neutral, Angry, Movie inspired after getting pumched in the balls.
Hands: standard hands but doubled, since he has four hands.
Fireball with Stand

There isn't much to do with Goro. That's why he's alone... and that he's big.

But it's not over yet, since I started MK2, I have to see what they'd need to complete it:
Liu Kang
Johnny Cage
Shang Tsung 
Kung Lao
Noob Saibot
Shao Kahn

That's 10 figures plus two oversized bosses.

Liu Kang is mostly a repaint but new heads and slip-on bracers. 

Johnny Cage requires new forearms and new everything from the waist down... and new heads.
Here I'd  give him bare forearms with both bracers from MK2 and MKT. 
Mk2 heads and MKT head
Curved Energy ball with modular stand. Reuse the autograph stuff from the first figure.

Smoke is a Scorpion redo with less accessoriws and some new ones as replacement.
1 head:
Same scorpion hands
Scorpion spear long and short
Smoke effects for arms.
Smoke cloud move

Noob Saibot is Scorpion with even less stuff and in black plastic.
I'd add a Kano head and the UMK3 smoke cloud projectile with stand.

Jade would be a Kitana repaint, so She'd get the Kitana stuff plus her staff and Shuriken. She'd be dark skinned like her UMK3 version though.

Jax would get arm interchangeably from the get go. (In preparation for the MK3 variant)
2 heads, standard hands.
For accessories the ground pound effect and the energy wave with stand.

Kitana gets 2 heads masked and unmasked.
She gets the standard hands and special spinning fan hands. (These two hands allow the use of a special free spinning fan accessory to simulate her whirlwind move.)
Accessories fans open, closed and a stand to hold the open fan when used as a projectile.

Mileena gets Kitana's body and hands (minus the fan hands) ishe gets her sai, projectile sai with stand and 2 alternate tarkatan heads. 

Baraka of course requires some attention, but is not too demanding in accessories.
Short and long arm blades, blade spartk effect.

Kung Lao, he requires some attention, but once you get past the body it's rather easy.
2 heads, usual hands, hat.

That's all the basic figures. 
All that's left is Shao Kahn and Kintaro... I won't go into those two because it's too much of a hassle and I can see Super7 repainting goro with a little partswap for Kintaro and now you're mad.

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