Mar 30, 2024

Rumor: Storm Collectibles lost the Mortal Kombat license

 No Shang Tsung,  No Sonya, and no Johnny Cage...

The rumors point out at this being hugely in part stemming from Warner Brothers. They've been a bit too micromanagement intense with thwir licenses and forced Todd to release Weapon packs and I can't believe one was released and I missed out... to the scalpers! Imagine how'd they overreact to the bloodiness of Mortal Kombat... 

I honestly don't know WHO should have the MK License:

Mattel has shitty distribution and would make Scorpion a Target exclusive while Subzero is Walmart's. Goro would be a Mattel website exclusive with Reptile only on BBTS and Entertainment Earth.

Hasbro would make 30 versions of Scorpion and Subzero and having Sonya in a Hasbro Pulse 5 pack with Stryker, Mokap, Kobra, and TsuHao. Kitana would be in an amazon exclusive 5 pack with Mavado, Daego, Taven, and Meat. 

NECA would release a few ninjas, then give up when Shujinko isn't selling Scorpion numbers.

Won't mention McFarlane because he'd turn it into another SpaMn line.

Super7... let's do that tomorrow.

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