Mar 18, 2024

Gongaga: where the OG's story goes to die again... a FFVII (Re)Birth by Sleep rant

I met a Swan from Turkey. Then everything went to shit. Nomura went full Kingdumb Farts here. Side mussions have boosted ny relationship level with Red XIII way too much. Yuffie is catching up way too hard... I need my date with la Senatrice Lockhart... Hell even kebab girl would be acceptable. I don't want no talking dog best friend... that's Barret's thing!

So, I met  Cissnei and she confused Blond Zack with real Zack. I was an asshole to kebab Girl after she spoke to Zack's parents. The game didn't let me tell then that I abandoned Zack's corpse after he made a Swiss Cheese impression in a meeting with ShinRa. So many problens would be solved if I could just tell them that. But for sadder news:
There is no Tankceratops... First they killed Mukki, then they fucked up Palmer, now TANKCERATOPS is non-existent. BUUUUUT we got our first glimpse at WEAPON... I laughed...

My brain when it saw Weapon... I know it's first appearance was at Corel, but it doesn't stop being funny...

But the fun went to shit because accompanying Begula Weapon were... THE WHISPERS with all their Kingdom Hearts Bullshit possible. Now I kust locate an airstrip in Gongaga to reach Cosmo Canyon... Palmer is MOST DEFINITELY NOT getting isekai'd by Truck-kun. All that's theoretically left is Cosmo Canyon, Nibelheim, Temple of the Ancients and making Kebabs... it's been a weird ride and I guess that around 2028-29 I might be playing the equivalent of Discs 2 and 3 on PS6.

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