Mar 16, 2024

Beastie Boys Ultimates: Sabotage

 If Super7 hadn't disabled PayPal's pay in 4 option, I'd be on these like Michelangelo on Pizza. I'll be honest here: I've listened to Beastie Boys throughout the years, but barely seen their music videos. I vaguely remember Intergalactic fro. My High School years,  but these figures have some appeal to me: Old School fictional Police detective vibes... They're perfect for certain Display dioramas. 

I mean look at them... They have the perfect old school fictional cops vibe... back when everything was grittier. If I get one, I'd need the other two, because it's technically a set.

This is almost making me want a Vampire Meat Loaf from I'll do anything sexual except getting pegged. Everyone else knows it as I'd do anything for love but I won't do that.
Shit, I'd be tempted if Super7 made a Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson... These are adult collectibles, so give us the weed, man! 

Oh no... My brain just bitchslapped me with an earworm:

Aw hell naw!

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