Mar 25, 2024

Sidequest time: a FFVIIRe:Birth by Sleep rant

 Kate Sith is a traitor! I fought Don Cornholio and Rufus Shinra (not at the same time) but in the same area. I was forced to date a flat kebab. Game didn't let me screw the date like in the OG. Now the game is forcing me to do some side quests and waste time before unlocking the ending. It's almost as if the game is screaming DO SIDEQUESTS NOW BEFORE REACHING THE FINAL DUNGEON! So here I am right now Searchingnfor Pirate Treasure, avoiding the Gym, dealing with Cactuars, avoiding Hard Fort Condor, dabbling in Queen's Blood. Playing way too many annoying minigames... Fuck Gongaga, Fuck Cosmo Canyon.

I'm gonna say it: Gongaga has only 2 good things:

This fucking theme.  So now I'm in sidequest mode dreading the end and trying to figure out hiw will disc 2 will work because so much has changed... but that's a rant for another time. Yes, I just realized that Moogles are part of a mini game...

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