Mar 24, 2024

Random thoughts:

 I can't sleep, so here's some thoughts that keep me up past dawn:

-Has anyone fucked the Dune 2 Popcorn Bucket?you've seen the memes and the thing does look like a fleshlight. Unfortunately, they're not available in Puerto Rico... so I can't be brave enough to fuck the bucket...
Yes, it popped into my head and now it will pop in yours too!

-Damn, Machiko Soga, Bandora the witch/Japanese version of Rita Repulsa has been in various sentai shows. Watching random videos on the internet and I stumbled on some older stuff with her and some of her characters, uh... how can I tactfully say this without sounding creepy for getting hard to a dead grandma? 

-apparently, this is the teaser to the Beetlejuice sequel, aptly named Beetlejuice Beetlejuice.

Keaton still got it as The Juice... Hopefully WB and Burton also filmed the sequel Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice, because I don't think we can wait 35 more years for it. 

- As I'm getting closer to the end of FF7 REBIRTH, I'm becoming more worried. The closer I get to the ending, the stronger the Kingdom Hearts Bullshit will become. I'm dreading that Aeris lives. I mean Zack is alive.

-CVS sold all 22 locations in Puerto Rico. That means some trees will be saved, becaise CVS used some damn long receipts... and I mean, they made Kmart receipts feel inadequately short. Guess I'll have to go to mom and pop pharmacies as a non-Walgreens alternative... which is problematic for night owls like myself. But seriously, Gamestop, Kmart, now CVS? Shit if Walmart leaves then I'll be shit out of luck for offline videogame shopping. The only good thing is that once again CVS stands for Capcom vs SNK...

- X-Men 97 was better than I expected. Sure the animation is a bit iffy, kind of looks like flash animation. Other than that, the show was really good. There seems to be a lift on the langauage, because Wolverine said damn. While I was watching the second episode dealing with the trial of Magneto, when the FOH showed up my brain said: "How long will it take for people saying that it was a jab at MAGA and not an old comic book storyline?" Those comparisons were being made long before I got to watch the show, which was 2 days after it premiered. So once again, I'm late to the party. Hopefully if X-Men 97 does good, we get a final season for Spider-Man the Animated Series.

-Cloud's swords attach to his back via a magnet.

That thing is supposedly OVER 100 lbs. In grams, the weight would be

A magnet that strong would have a rather large magnetic field, not to mention that Cloud's sword would become magnetized and should attract lots of loose ferrous metal near Cloud. Technically speaking Cloud's pauldron would constantly trying to get to his back. Not to mention being attracted to many surfaces within the world (mainly Mako Reactors, Shinra building and Junon, which have steel and iron EVERYFUCKINGWHERE). Alos, the world in which Cloud lives has tons of electronic devices. Cloud shouldn't be ANYWHERE NEAR Electronic devices, as his huge ass sword magnetic holder would wreak havoc to any electronic devices...

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