Mar 11, 2024

I got me an early B-Day Present

 I'm crying... I beated the crap out of Emerald and Ruby WEAPONs and I didn't let the one winged angel to cast Supernova... Hell, I barely let his choir sing Estuans Interius Ira Vemehenti Estuans Interius Ira Vemehenti Sephiroth!! I beat the game and started crying... had flashbacks to the first time I beat the game and my thoughts gravitated to my Mom and you can guess why I'm crying. I spent most of Mario Day debating whether I should wait until my Birthday and get a PS5 to play FFVII Rebirth or... I was already parking my car at Wal-Mart to get said PS5.

Now I wait... I KNOW Nomura and Nojima fucked this up, but Since I started Remake...

She saw how happy I was about FFVII being remade. It's no Snake Mountain, but I did get her to beat the game herself... with GameShark, to reduce the grinding experience and streamline the game a bit.

Let's see how this goes in 1 hour and 52 minutes

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