Mar 2, 2024

FFVII Rebirth: a rant:

 I Don't Have a PS5 or the game yet. So I won't be able to retread Kalm all the way to City of the Ancients. So, you know what happens there, right?

Aeris Dies... I mean this isn't a spoiler because her death has been roughly 27 years. The question is will rebirth Preserve this moment or will they fuck it up? I have no faith in Square-Enix of doing justice to the original story. I mean we'll get something close and the. They're going to add Kingdom Hearts Bullshit and ruin it with something dumb like either Aeris Lives or worse... she becomes another of Cloud's voices in his head. 

But speaking of Square Enix fucking up: I bet that they fucked up the Gi Natak battle.

Instead of one hit kill with Life or Phoenix Down, he'll probably have like a seven stage long ass battle to pad out the gameplay time. I fear that. I hope the game isn't as padded as Aerith would have to be to dress up as Tifa. 

I hope Tankceratops makes it to the game...
Also, fuck another Endgame Sephiroth battle that devalues the Original's mystery. I'm afraid... VERY Afraid... Maybe I'll be able to play the game for my Birthday... cross my fingers and knock on wood. 
Oh yeah! I just realized that reunion will take discs two and three... Can we say xenogears Disc 2 Rush for PS6?

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