Mar 12, 2024

Thabk goodness for my PS5, because my other potential B-day present canceled.

 And the bad news were delivered on a Tuesday... OF COUSRE!! Actors passong on cons happens all the time, but dishonor on Ming Na, dishonor on her cow and all that. 

Puerto Rico Comic Con's Facebook page announced that Ming Na Wen, Best Live Action Chun Li so far, and Best Mulan period, won't be coming to PRCC due to "scheduling conflicts". It happens, but it sucks when ot does to Actors that I want to meet and have a pic taken. But whatever... Guess I'll be drowning my sorrows in FFVII (Re)Birth: by sleep then.

For me, the day Ming Na canceled her appearance at PRCC was devastating, but for her it was Tuesday...

So, fuck it... also, here's proof that I'm not joking...
Nick: It's like a Zack Snyder film. Nice visuals meh story.
Nefty VO: Nick, you asshole!
About FFVII: (Re)Birth by Sleep... I'm not lying about Ming Na Wen either,  but my pone bungled that screenshot.

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