Mar 20, 2024

Snydertards love using Nepotism as an attack on James Gunn

 Well, Eli Snyder, son of Zack and Stepson of Deborah Snyder is directing a mini series "Until the Last One". Guess who are the producers: Daddy and Stepmom! Nepobaby powers Activate!!

Now, this is far worse than giving bit parts to relatives like Snydertards love to blame James Gunn of doing. Eli's entire career as an actor is literally working on Daddy's movies. Dropping a cringe bomb from his daddy here. Kid was around 11 when Daddy wanted to film scenes with a topless woman and his son. 

There's a reason Nicolas Coppola isn't Nicolas Coppola. It's precisely to reduce accusations of being a Nepobaby and standing on his own two feet. Eli was robbed of that. For what it's worth, he might be a competent director, even better than daddy... but he will forever be seen as Hack's son, brother of Autumn. He has no chance to stand on his own if he has to be on the shadow of his dead sister and his mediocre daddy.

In any case, I hope he can surpass his father as a director.

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