Mar 21, 2024

Cosmo Canyon and Nibelheim: Game wat are u doin?

 Game, you aren't supposed to hit me like that... Not gonna lie Cosmo Canyon is annoying as fuck... need to get the stupid towers for Chadley and the dumbass half baked chocobo mechanics... but on the other hand:

Yuffie is a better Prompto than Prompto.
All jokes aside, the trek to Cosmo Canyon is a load of bullshit with capital BULLSHIT. Now Once we reach Cosmo Canyon, everything is made better. We get padding, I mean Aerith stuffing her bra to look like Tifa levels of padding... but it's actually good padding. Gi Natak is no longer a Phoenix Down jobber. He's an actual boss now... and we get a shitton of lore at Cosmo Canyon...

Then there's Nibelheim. Sure, they changed a shitton here but the changes weren't bad... that is until we need to enter the Shinra manor and we have to control Mr. Kitty Sith and the annoying crate tossing mechanic... URRRRGH! Sadly, Cid lost his smokes and Is unplayable... just like Vicente Valentin... oh shit... I'm basically one Cat betrayal, one temple of the ancients until Aeris dies and I beat the game... huess that means I'll put away the PS5 until I can get another game... candidates are:
-Peter Parker goes Black
-David Hayter before getting queefed Sutherland.
-Goat Simulator 3...
Everyone knows that my choice is... 
Undust the Switch and play Peach's cosplay game!

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