Mar 6, 2024

I got a cold for the first time in years: a rant

 I haven't had a cold since before the Beer Virus Pandemonium. My NyQuil and DayQuil had since long expired. So, I go to my nearest pharmacy and bought a combo pack of both Quils with Honey to help with my sore throat...

Well guess what, bitches?

Vick's CHANGED THE COLOR OF NYQUIL TO MATCH DAYQUIL!! Yesterday, there was a massive power outage and I had to dress for work in the dark. Easy, because I set up my work uniforms in a way that I can dress in the dark. My phone's flashlight was acting up and turning off after 5 seconds. (Power saver mode and battery under 50% was the culprit.) Drank the wrong Quil... had to uber to the starbucks close to work and order a double shot coffee and take an extra bottled Frappuccino as a pick me up during my shift.
I hate them, but they do deliver the caffeine required to counter the effects of NyQuil I accidentally ingested while thinking it was DayQuil. 
Making them both the same color is a load of bullshit... 

Now I get Ray Finkle

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