Mar 1, 2024

Naked Gun Reboot? WTF


Yes, Liam Neeson is going to be the new Leslie Nielsen... what man could be behind this heinous atrocity?

Seth McFarlane is producing. The director and main writer seems to be Akiva Schaffer... the director of Chip and Dale live action adaptation, which was weirdly good. Now are 2025 Audiences ready for a movie that modern sensitivities would call "problematic"? It's no Blazing Saddles, but it can be highly offensive. Now for a shameful tidbit. I had never seen Blazing Saddles in ENGLISH until last week. Finally after decades of having seen it in Spanish, well...

I was heavily reminded of this joke, as negro (pronounced neh-groh) doesn't have the same connotations as the Hard R N-Word... Yeah, English version was an Eye opener... It was hilarious but I can see modern Twitter getting their non-gender conforming underwear in a bunch.

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