Jul 24, 2015

Whatcha gonna do when Political Correctness runs wild on you, brotha!?

Hulk Hogan got fired from the WWE because the PC Police found some info about the Hulkster using the N-Word in a conversation...

Hulkamania is now gone from the WWE site, no more Hulkster Merchandise... they're pulling a Benoit on him. But here's the thing: If that is what is erasing the Hulkster from the WWE, then
Why haven't they gotten rid of the McMahons?

Vince is using the N-Word... If we believe the PC Police, if you're white, then you CANNOT USE the word EVER!!

But, the news that I got come from the rag that got a lot of flak for publishing a false rape accusation. Wait there's more. They quote The NATIONAL ENQUIRER... The Freaking National Enquirer is their source. Rolling Stone AND the Enquirer teaming up to defend Gawker and sink Hulk Hogan.

Now Hogan is no saint, but isn't it funny how the Media is coming to the defense of Gawker, who is being sued by Hogan... I'm sensing a hashtag... something about GaminG and Richard Nixon... being correct about their slogan.

Hogan did make an apology. It may not be enough, but the WWE's reaction was overblown... I mean, Alberto Del Rio got fired when he beat up a guy who made racist remarks against him. Now Hogan gets fired and "Deleted from WWE History" for some remarks he made (allegedly) 8 years ago?
something smells fishy here...

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