Jul 31, 2015

King Hiss Screwjob Part 3: Neitlich Strikes back...

The Hssssssssteria continues! Now the Neitlich has spoken about the issue.
Here's a pic of the quote:
click me to read!

Now all I need is Neitlich to do:

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I'm leaning towards believing Neitlich...
*Cue overdramatic reaction that makes the whole "Finkle is Einhorn" scene seem tame in comparison.*

The New Team DID Start off throwing Neitlich under the bus. I'm not saying he didn't deserve it, just stating a fact. They KEPT Throwing him under the bus and now that forced The Guru to speak up.

But seeing the quote is not enough... COMMENTARY TIME!!
I absolutely had it costed in. Or if costs changed over the ten months I left the team could have broken the torso into 5 parts and released it as a collect and connect over the last five monthly figs. 
How would that have worked if the snakes are bendy? Stiff Plastic snakes could have done that, but not bendy.

The bottom line is the new team forgot about the torso. The fact that it was not shown at Sdcc is proof (especially when they showed product through 2016). This kitbash offering is a last min quick fix idea that fails to fulfill the subscription promise.

Y'know... That theory makes sense. We saw everything except the Torso (and PD Teela... should I start to worry?) I mean, the kitbash had no new pieces and that "The horsemen worked on it" excuse was sounding a bit too bullcrappy. Now the man who made the subscription promise is calling them out. (Yes, I'm aware that this person has an Used Car Salesman reputation. Some people would call him a Snake oil salesman or Anita Sar... Whoops! I almost mentioned She who musn't be named!)

I was going to stay out of this, but with the new team choosing to throw me under the bus again and blame me for making a promise without proper costing, well I say shanagans to that. I ran the line for 7 years and never made a promise like that which couldn't be fulfilled. My record stands.

Typo aside, I have to think this through... He has bent the truth many times, used double speak and had a way with words to try to worm his way out of situations... He also used scare tactics in order to promote the line. We the fans had to fight tooth and nail to get SOME things fixed (SMAA, Keldor's swords, He-Man's hairstyle, Castle Grayskull...) Bubble Power She-Ra is the closest thing to this Hsss issue because she was a non-sub She-Ra with Swift Wind riding feature. On the other hand, we do have the Grizzlor faceplate and the 200X Buzz-Off  head that were left out because of the "Higher ups NO 200X dogma"... But he still managed a way to squeak them through... even if those items were NOT PROMISED TO US... Wait... Did he promise us the Spector whip?

I understand taking over after I left was 't a cake walk, but blaming me is out of order. I can see how it was easy to forget about the torso promise. They had a lot going on. If this swim suit king hiss was always in the plans, why not just show it at Sdcc? The new team has the wheel now. It is theirShip. It's been ten months.You can't blame me any more for your mistakes and inadequate solitons.

Solitons!?  OK, second set of HORRIBLE Ytpos aside... He has a point. If they knew this was in the plans why not show it?  They could have shown it and then told us the bad news. We would have taken it better if they had done it in Comic Con. Now I'm betting that the BS Hordak AND the Lasers getting their (somewhat pointless) action features are to blame for this.

The transparent thing to do when fans asked about the torso as Sdcc would be to admit they accidently forgot about it. Blaming me, uncalled for. 

Ooh! Neitlich uses Transparency jab on New Team... It's super effective!
He is right you know. If they messed up, coming out clean would have helped them with the whole Honest Transparency thing, then again, Neitlich was one who threw the Horsemen and others under the bus a few times when caught on Contradictions... *fighting urge to slam hands on table and point towards the screen*  but the new team was supposed to be different from the old team...

I 100% get how they could forget. They have A LOT going on and a lot of running Matty was in my head. So I would give them slack here. But that still doesn't make this my fault.
Interesting... Most of the Matty operation was inside ♠'s head... That almost sounds like the House of Rants... The guy is even praising them in a weird way... Sure he's claiming that the Matty Operation is super hard and he did it mostly by himself, but the team is doing a pretty decent job... Color me surprised. I didn't expect them to get some praise by the Guru...

Give them time. They have a lot going on and I know they are trying their best to get more figs out and make as many folks happy. 
This is confusing me.  HE is still praising the team after the whole: Don't Throw Me Under the Bus since I've been out of the MOTU Game thing. Feels weird coming from him...

I wonder if Mattel will retaliate and this will turn into a Schoolyard pissing contest!


  1. I'm kind of siding with Scott here, too. Crazy, right?

  2. hot damn! i was not aware of this. i think the typos show how angry he is that they are blaming him & how he is probably right. the fact is, a professional would know that eventually he will make a mistake so they should never have thrown him under the bus to begin with. and now it bit them on the ass. they have screwed up a lot in a short period of time, so i am not impressed with them.

    lorde trooper & you are right, it was costed out with the heavy re-use but because they decided to make a new torso for bs hordak & the ll/lp figures, they went over-budget. no he-man snake shield adds to ♠'s claims.