Jul 9, 2015

Terminator Genysis: Thoughts

Terminator: Genisys is the newest movie in the franchise that so far has had:
2 great movies, 1 crappy movie, 1 WTF movie and a so-so TV series. (It started good but then they lost me.)
Well, I'll post a collection of thoughts... I guess that a Spoiler Warning is to be had... Follow me after the jump! Let's hope this works! There will be spoilers!!

Well, did it work?

I've no idea! if it did: I'm torn on this movie... It's better than Rise of the Machines and Salvation. but then that's not saying much.

-PG-13!? Why is this PG-13!? Don't they know?
-It erases the Last Terminator movies... No, not only Salvation and Rise of the Machines, but the Good ones too! Like ALL OF THE MOVIES!
-Teases some Emilia Clarke nudity but it doesn't pay off.  The movie makes this whole convoluted event to have Emilia Clarke naked, but no nudity makes it on screen? That's being a tease!
-Jai Courtney was a bad choice to play Kyle Reese.
-Time Traveling Movie and Matt Smith? Movie tries too hard to cash in on Doctor Who fans.

John Connor from the Future is the new Terminator... REALLY!? John Connor is now the bad guy?
-*More Spoilers* Old Arnold is now a T-1000 so in a sequel he can choose to look as a different person (change the actor due to Arnold's age being an issue in real life)
-Ripping off the Sarah Connor Chronicles idea of jumping to the future.
-Emilia Clarke isn't that great a Sarah Connor. Half the movie I kept seeing Daenerys instead of Sarah.

On the other hand, it was Entertaining. Not a good movie like T2, but it's watchable if you ignore the glaring issues with it.

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