Jul 14, 2015

Extra Post SDCC MOTU news: Sunder, Sunder, Sunder!! Sunder Sculpt!!! GOOOOAL!!!

I would apologize for the horrible pun on the title, but not sorry about it!
Straight out of the FourHorsemenStudios: General Sunder!!
You can see the rest of the pics at the FourHorsemen page... I even provided a link to it...

Do you know what this means?
We have seen EVERYTHING From the sub in actually sculpted samples except the Horde Wraith, Night Stalker and Tuskador.

Holy Crap, not only a Complete Line-up was revealed but Most of the items were Actually shown!

Also, Sunder looks effin sweet! Not exactly a Horde Trooper Redone, but VERY Close to one.

Folks from the Fwoosh! have also gotten some better pics of the Filmation Sub figures and Lion-O.
Seems that I may have to make a slight retraction on my comments on the Filmation figures:

The loincloths seem to have some fur detail. Not as detailed as Classics, but it's there. Even He-Man has some slight detailing on his hair. I still wish it was a bit more detailed, but oh well. The only one who still disappoints is Beastman. To sub or not to sub... That is the question: I know I HAVE to get He-Man and Skeletor. The idea of a Filmation Evil Lyn sounds promising... Point Dread Teela + This Evil Lyn and we'll need a Kothos in 2017. Trap Jaw looks OK-ish. I just wish he came with more attachments (The Hook in particular) Clawful... Never been a fan of his Filmation look. Evil seed? Well it's no secret that I hate Chokey the Artichoke. I still have a tough decision to make, but I still have time... The me being an International Customer part is the scary part.

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