Jul 21, 2015

Now that 2016 is on its way who could be the next Chosen ones in MOTU? pt.I

I've been thinking about this, due to the SDCC High... and the few rants going on about it. Most of them have been Thundercats and the Filmation Sub-line.

But now I have to wonder: What Can Mattel do for 2017 and entice us with MOTU?

Will they pad out the lines and make it both the Collector's choice and the Filmation lines 2 Full Lines; or will they keep the half and half approach?

According to the .org, these are the most popular figures:
Some we ARE Getting in 2015, others are 2016... the rest, they're up in the air.

There are SEVEN Slots left to complete this list and a yearly sub using the Bi-Monthly method would yield SEVEN slots to fill in.
This would prove VERY Easy to do and call it a day, BUT the Actual Sub did not get  all their choices from that list for 2016. Darius is some sort of Curveball and Tuskador became a Ram Man sized Item.

Well, before I start to make this list, I must say: I will make the Bi-Monthly list and a Plan B Full Year List.

My theoretical 2017:

Sub Exclusive: Illumina.
Why? The past management team *cough*♠*cough* hated Illumina. She was rumored to be the true Winner of the Fan-choice poll that Geldor "stole". Not to mention her being a Blue Elf Chick and an Olive Branch to Emiliano Santalucia of the Power and Honor Foundation (and artist on the 200X comics)

Figure 1: Master Sebrian.
If we are getting an Evil Seed from the Filmation line, then getting Sebrian is now slightly easier.
We basically have the arms. All we need is a thinner buck to hide under the robes. Some parts could come from Modulok, easily. He also is the third most wanted character from the NA Cartoon after Mara and Crita.

Figure 2: Lodar.
He needs very little amount of new Tooling and is a popular mini comics character. He is on the .org's top 20 list as well.

Figure 3: King Miro.
Some 200X Love and Completing the Royal Family. He is simply a new head, Armor and Loincloth.
Everything else we have already. He is on the .org's top 20 list as well.

Figure 4: Lizorr.
Another Popular New Adventures character. Here they can go either full new tool or creative reuse.  I'd rather have a different mutant, but fan results trump my wants.
He is on the .org's top 20 list as well.

Figure 5: Skeleteen.
Do like the Raptor Bros. and stop! Before y'all eat me, hear me out. Yes, the Son of He-Man concepts should be ignored and forgotten... forever! Buuut! We are stuck with Dare. We Kinda need Skeleteen.
Can't have He-Man without Skeletor... you get the drift. Also, with him they can include a cool accessory to make you kinda want him. Just like they did with Dare and the Mini Comic Power Sword. Maybe a 200X Havoc Staff. or a third head (Melty face Keldor)

Figure 6: Hunga the Harpy:
Again, tied by the Most Popular characters from the .org list. It is also a PoP Character, which needs a little love on this Collector's Choice sub. She'd be 100% New Tooling... Or a bit less if we reuse the Angella wings and Normal Biceps. She looks almost Dactus Size with those Harpy feet. she could get a second Angella head (as an extra way for Mattel to say sorry for Derpgella.)

Large Scale Item #1: Dylamug.
To be honest, I'd rather have Sagitar first. but he is on the list and he's basically HORDE MODOK...
All the delicious Tech details that the Horsemen can add...

Large Scale Item #2: Stridor.
Nightstalker is coming on 2016, then Stridor should follow.

I covered most of the .org List of Popular folks, added Stridor and one WTF choice, but for completeness sake he is kind of needed. But let's now pretend we have 6 more figures and two large items to add.

Figure #7: Garn. (Filmation version)
I prefer the Mini Comic version for Diversity reasons, but Filmation is mostly done: Nepthu, Vikor, and Seahawk have parts that allow him to get made with a minimum amount of new tooling.(Head, Armor, Loincloth) Also bridging Filmation with mini comics (using the Lodar and Garn is kinda cool)

Figure 8: Kayo.
Why him, because of the excessive amount of hatred that ♠ had for him. Also being easy to make and the last NA Hero who appeared on the mini comics.

Figure #9: Horde Knight.
Not a Horde Trooper, but it's close enough and distinct enough to take a slot in the sub, not to mention Army Builder potential in him.

Figure #10: Prince Dakon.
We got Geldor. Having a Dakon makes sense. To complete displays and all that. (Head, Armor, Loincloth is all we need.)

Figure #11: Kothos.
He's a villain who reforms after being turned into Jabba Jr. He'd need some heavy tooling, but he'd be the first Chubby buck used on the line. He's big, but not Ram Man Big. If done correctly, Mattel COULD get some reuse out of that buck. He could reuse the normal symmetrical bracer forearms. With the PD Teela and the Filmation Evil Lyn, getting him would help collectors do tributes to the famous The Witch and the warrior episode.

Figure #12: SONGSTER!!
HE was in the Mattel Fan Choice Poll that Geldor stole, therefore, he belongs in this list. Power-Con may have stolen Kobra Khan Camuflado, but they can't have my Songster!!

Large Item #3: Granita. (warning a bit expensive item)
Unlike Jewelstar, Granita would get her Bendova Rock Mode. In addition to her rock pieces (that would be clip on and only when making her in rock mode.) she'd get extra small rock pieces for Stonedar and Rokkon to use without the bulky Arm and leg pieces they currently have.

Large Item #4: Sagitar.
Big Centaur dude with 4 Arms. It's like having He-Man ride Goro into battle. Very Popular NA Character that can reuse Ram Man Parts.

In the end I strayed a bit from the .org list, because I only left Quake out. Also, I had to stop me from overcrowding it with NA. This one became harder when I expanded into a Full year without filling it with New Adventures... Part two will tackle the Filmation sub-line!

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