Jul 15, 2015

Thundercats Sub: Let's Speculate!

We know of the Glorious Jackalman and Lion-O that are coming in the T-Cats sub... Will it be called Club Third Earth or Club Thundera?
We know that the Sub Exclusive is none other than...

The weakened form of Mumm-Ra.

So we have 4 slots left... or 3 if we assume that they WILL Give us Mumm-Ra: the Ever Living form on year 1. On the Pixel-Dan Walkthrough, Brandon Sopinsky mentioned something about this sub being like MOTU Classics, where big names were going to be spread out. Makes sense since many fans would just get Mumm-Ra, the main mutants and main cats.

My speculation for the upcoming 4 slots would be: (Assuming Mumm-Ra's Ever Living form is saved for Year 2)

-Hachiman: In my rant pitching the idea that Mattel SHOULD go after the Thundercats license, I mentioned that I had to cull Hachiman from the list.
Reason #1
A Samurai sculpted by the FourHorsemen IN SCALE WITH MOTUC...
An Ally to the Thundercats who is a sign of the line's expansiveness, because other people would say The Snowman with his 10 appearances, or Mandora with her 8 appearances.


Well, He's one of the Lunataks. He would require the least amount of sculpting out of the MALE Lunataks. (Chilla would be easier to make though.)

Cheetara would be the obvious draw, but again, to show that this line will try and reach most of the Classic Characters. Not to mention that she's rather easy to make.

He's Rather easy to make for the Horsemen (We have most of his body in MOTUC. The Left Bicep, Head, Armor and Shins would be needed... Obviously his nunchaku are needed too) Putting out an extra big name cat on year one is to avoid having the few slots available to be overrun by C to Z-Listers.

Tygra is not on this list seeing as Bandai killed the last Line with Lion-O and Tygra. Also, there seems to be a lack of a certain character on this list.

No Berserkers because of the insane amounts of tooling they'd need... but Viking Cyber Pirates Sculpted by the FourHorsemen whould be sweet!

Also, Dammit! Someone Remembered MONGOR!!!
Basically a more Satanic Looking Goat Dude than Goatman with a Scythe... Or would that be more Baphomet like?

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