Jul 21, 2015

Now that 2016 is on its way who could be the next Chosen ones in MOTU? pt.II

Part one was a lot harder than I expected. Let's see if Part two will fare any better.

Filmation Variant sub-Line will be done like the Collector's choice rant before. 6 Figures + Exclusive. then I'll follow the list with the theoretical full year. right after the jump!
Sub Exclusive: Ram Man.
He'd be a 100% new tool, but he was a lot smaller in Filmation.

Figure #1: Fisto.
I mentioned him before and he's a great choice. It helps Mattel to say I'm sorry for the 2012 Fisto debacle.

Figure #2: Mer-Man.
We have Evil Lyn, Skeletor, Beastman, and Trap Jaw. Having Mer-Man helps us complete the core evil warriors. (the sooner we do, the sooner this sub-line ends and we move to more detailed pastures. Bring on More 200X inspired looks!!)

Figure #3: Count Marzo.
This one hurts me a lot seeing that this sub-line hates details and Marzo's hair NEEDS some details badly.

Figure #4: Stratos.
Easy to make, core Heroic Warrior and could be used to army build if you prefer MOTUC Stratos.

Figure #5: Prince Adam.
Think about it. We got He-Man on wave 1. We need some sort of variant. Also, Sword Aloft Adam... nuff said.

Figure #6: Mekaneck.
I figure, Marzo and Mekaneck had some animosity. Let's celebrate it in toy form. Also, easy to make.

Now I've reached the Plan B Portion of this Theoretical sub.

Figure #7: Faker.
This is the ultimate *expletive deleted* you to the fans. Make them double dip again for He-Man with even LESS Paint hits. Maybe Glow in the dark eyes to make him pop? Second fleshless head to give him some sort of value.

Figure #8: Tri-Klops.
Hard to find 2009 figure and final core evil warrior. Nuff said.

Figure #9: Man-at-Arms.
To be honest, Battle Ram Man-at-Arms is close, but it's not a Filmation MAA. Seeing that this line wants to be harcore Filmation, then we NEED a Filmation MAA...

Figure #10:Kobra Khan.
Basically a new Torso, heads and the "duck feet" and we have a new snake warrior who could be used as custom fodder too!

Figure #11:Roboto.
He might be underdetailed, but Mattel owes us a figure after the MOTUC one having a buttload of issues.

Figure #12: Bum Nepthu.
We got powered up Nepthu in classics... So the only doable variant is Bum Nepthu. Gotta keep those good figures for 2018.

Stay tuned for the shorter rant which will be Part 3: The non-sub stuff! (Chases, Powercon repaints, SDCC, oh my!)

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