Jul 10, 2015

2015 MattyPalooza thoughts:

She-Ra Underoos, other stuff... eh... though Matty Street Sharks sounds tempting.
Motu Megablocks? Eh... Let's talk MOTUC styled stuff!
TRANSPARENCY... a jab at Neitlich, eh?

Point Dread and Filmation Teela will come in November. No price info yet...

From Mattycollector's news:
“Buzz Saw” Hordak® arrives with cross bow and a buzz saw that he can either hold or place in his chest. (Club Eternia® quarterly figure.)
Evil Seed arrives with a staff wrapped in vines. (August Club 200X™ figure.)
Saurod™ arrives with a laser gun. (September Club Eternia® figure.)
King Chooblah™, the Kulatak Elder, arrives with his oversized walking staff. (September Club 200X™ figure.)
The scented Perfuma™ arrives with her flower gun and shield. (October Club Eternia® figure.)
The 2015 Club Eternia® third quarterly item is Flying Fist He-Man® vs Terror Claw Skeletor®, arriving with a shield and flying fist accessory for He-Man® and oversized claws for Skeletor®. (October)
Ceratus™ arrives in a leather kilt with bone pickaxe. (October Club 200X™ figure.)
Dragstor™ arrives with a cross box with a hook attachment. (November Club Eternia® figure.)
Queen Grayskull™ arrives with a 200X-inspired staff and a wrap. (November Club 200X™ figure.)
He-Ro® II (Dare) arrives with sword and laser gun. (December Club Eternia® figure.)
Prahvus arrives with a staff and magic lamp. (December Club 200X™ figure.)

No info on where the Hssss Torso ended up.
Toyguru's Pants must be made out of Asbestos...

Not going to mention the Dare debacle...

We'll deal with 2016 AFTER the Jump!

MOTU Collector's Choice:
6 Bi-Monthly Figures 2 Oversized (1 $30, the other $40) 1 Sub Exclusive  and $24 per figure?

Now All I need is Melaktha...

Vultak with what I guess is Kowla

He has the wrong forearms. He should have Icer's. He comes with a rope to tie your Kowl Figure.


The Final Proto has been made. Doesn't he look a bit like Jon Frakes?


 NA's Evil Lyn is coming... Frak yeah!!

General Sunder
Horde Wraith
Despara Sub Exclusive
My Little Force Captain is Coming...

Night Stalker Large Item #1 and Tuskador Large Item #2

Power-con gets 3 Exclusives:
Red Beastman
Kobra Khan Camuflado
(Out of these I only want Kamo Khan to be honest.)
Also, Ouch on Greenamyr... That sucker's gonna be expensive!!

Filmation He-Man!?

Sword Aloft Hand on a somewhat Vintage Looking He-Man...

Filmation Trap Jaw?
I prefer the Toy one thank you...

Filmation Skeletor?


Filmation Evil Lyn?
Filmation Beastman?

No fur...

Filmation Clawful?
Filmation Evil Seed is the sub exclusive?
Booo!! HE sucks ASS!! Why couldn't we get
the GOOD Design of Evil Seed... Oh wait, are getting it on
club 200X...

I'm a bit confused but it seems we have two choices: MOTUC: Year 8 is option A
and Classics Scale but Filmationized He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is option B.
6 months of MOTUC: Year 8 will alternate with 6 months of Filmationized MOTU.

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I HATE The FILMATION Figures... They did the ONE THING that I didn't want them to do to the figures. Take away the details in order to look more Cartoon Accurate. I wanted the Filmation Designs CLASSICIZED... Not these void of detail figures... Now, on the OTHER Hand, That Skeletor head is AMAZEBALLS... I will probably get the He-Man Too... The rest are SKIPPABLE... to me. Screw Artichoke, my Evil Seed is Asparagus Carnage!!

SNAKE FREAKING MOUNTAIN... THIS TIME IT IS A MOUNTAIN!! It will include an App so you can use your phone as the Evil Voice changer... (this part scares me... This may bump up the price to FAIL) Also, being Classified as "International" makes me fear the Mountain even more...
Grayskull is PUNY!!

THE NOT MOTUC 2016 sub is available on Mattycollector... 

Lion-O looks Amazeballs... MOTUC Lion-O...
Weakened Mumm-Ra is the Sub Exclusive
So far Lion-O and Jackalman have been announced.

Also a Random Anti-Eternia He-Man from the German Audioplays has appeared.

Aside the bad news about shipping method to Puerto Rico, this has been the best Mattypalooza
so far. No real duds on the sub. The Thundercats sub seems solid. The Filmation sub was the weak link due to the reduction of detail on the figures,

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