Jul 30, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: can she see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

So, Peekablue... The second to last member of The Great Rebellion to arrive to my shelves.
She sees things, has Male Feathers, but then again, Mosquitor's a girl... She also looks a bit like Katy Perry... If anyone knows how to make a MOTUC Scale Felt Costume of the Left Shark, let me know so I can eventually use that for a future ICFTTC...

Sadly I have no Fireworks to attach to her boobs and how much I hate her Smurfette voice and I forgot that I'm supposed to be talking Peekablue and not Katy Perry...

She comes with her feathers plugged Upside Down for some reason (packaging) It scared me the first time I tried to pull them off to fix them. I'll get on with the details while rating her.

Peeks suffer from Late in the game POP Gal Lost Boot cut syndrome. Her (male) Peacock feathers hinder her head articulation. Other than that she's got normal POP Gal Articulation.
On the other hand, the Peacock Feathers open up and she looks like the perfect Mascot for NBC. The closest thing to an issue is that the hole in her back to hold her feathers is a bit too high and impossible to fix.

Paint and Sculpt:
She looks like her Filmation Counterpart with a few toy details in. Problem is that she looks unfinished. The metallic blues on her look too much like the flat blues and blend in with each other.
She also suffers from Derp-Eye. (Well not mine, but many others do.)

She gets a bladed fan (with weird handle) and a POP Shield... Personally they could have axed the shield and given us 2 fans so she can be more Kitana-like.she didn't get anything else because of her feathers.

Peekablue gets a 3.0 as her final score. It's a shame that she got a lower score, but some design choices and technical limitations damaged her chances of scoring higher...

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