Jul 2, 2015

It Came from the Toy Chest: Cloud's 3 childhood friends...

What? Can't make a joke about Tifa's Ridiculously large boobs? Because Mahogany?
So, yeah! I've FINALLY got a Final Fantasy VII Tifa. Who is she? What's her appeal besides her enormous chesticles? She's a super strong Martial Artist, but not the strongest. Sadly she cannot suplex a train.

If you need a refresher, this is not it:

I accidentally damaged the front of the card when opening the
package. My bad.
Tifa is Cloud's Childhood friend, she has Martial arts skills, is a bartender, a terrorist, and also a Mind
Rebuilder. She also has a rack that puts Lara Croft and the Dead or Alive girls to shame...

But since you know about my FFVII Looks (or Close enough to VII Looks) obsession for my small Play Arts FFVII Collection, you know that I will hunt down the VII Looks of the character, so the more sensibly dressed (and reduced breast size) Tifa from Advent Children won't cut it!

As you can see on the Tifa Picture mimicking her VII Artwork pose, she has a really decent set of Articulation points... Too bad her Thigh Articulation is incredibly limited, not only by the skirt, but by the engineering. Like Yuffie, she too is forced to be posed in rather Vanilla Poses, which royally sucks when this figure is supposed to be a kickass Martial Artist, or a "Monk Class" character. 4.0 is her score, based on this issue being the same as Yuffie's. I wanted to give her a 3.0 since I can't do any cool Martial arts poses, but in the name of fairness, she ended up with the 4.0 score.

Paint and Sculpt: 
As you can see, she looks like her VII Artwork, but made in plastic. Her hair is a curious thing: Like Dissidia Cloud's it's translucent. It's not as noticeable, but it's there. I don't have any issues with the paintjob. No obvious slop or anything. I do have to point out that unlike Aerith, whose panties were basically the crotchpiece painted white, Tifa's panties are totally sculpted to be read as panties. They have sculpted the stitch line for the edges of her panties. 5.0

Like most FFVII Figures she gets Extra hands and a Stand... She has no weapon since her hands and feet ARE her weapons. 3.5 here.

Tifa Lockhart gets a total score of 4.17?! My issues stem mostly from the limited articulation on her and the lack of stuff. She could have easily come with something else, to make her pop. (More hands!!) The lack of articulation range is what kills this figure for me... All the cool poses I could have made for immature comedic pics for this review are not possible.

The only real positive is when you put all the VII Figures together and you have a decent display. The downside is that it will forever haunt me that there is no VII Barret, no full VII Cait Sith, and worst of all NO CID AT ALL, not even an AC Cid or a Kingdom Hearts Cid...

 Speaking of which, WHERE IS my copy of Advent Children?

Need a Red XIII That won't cost me a third of Grayskull to get.

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