Jul 19, 2015

Squenix and the case of Nostalgic fans.

I've noticed a trend in my Square Enix buying patterns. The Last 3 Squenix games I've bought are HD Ports of Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2... I've still not beaten Final Fantasy XIII and I have put Post-it on my PS3 games that say: FINISH FINAL FANTASY XIII YOU *Expletives redacted* and I mean Literally. FFXIII says Beat me for the love of all that is Holy...

Unfortunately, I'm playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 KH Final Mix in Proud Mode to be specific and I've learned a few things:

-I *expletive deleted* HATE with a passion of a Million suns that *expletive deleted* duck!
He won't heal me, even with the Heal Often action set up.
-When the *string of  expletives deleted*  of Donald decides to heal me is immediately after I cast a healing spell on myself.
-We need Haley Joel Osment to do a Let's play for Kingdom Hearts in Proud Mode. I just want to hear him go on an anti-Donald tirade.
-How come I'm having more fun playing this than Final Fantasy XIII?
-This version of the game is a LOT Harder than the KH I remember.
-Fun is what has been missing from recent Squenix games...

I also learned that Kingdom Hearts is...

Seriously, you can get panty shots easily... Except Selphie... Allegedly, they were visible in the PS2 version, but corrected on the PS3 port/upgrade.
Even Kairi is not safe from the Pantsu Cam... (also, those panties are very detailed.)
The weird part is that half of the Pantsu shots come from Squeaky clean Disney Characters... It's a bit weird... BTW the only panty shot I knew about was Jane's and I discovered it by Accident. A little googling yielded the rest.

Also, Holy crap this is DARK and I mean Bambi is not dark enough. Destruction of various worlds, People taking over Hearts (read it as souls and you'll see what I mean) People becoming monsters or hollow shells when losing their hearts. Carrying the burden of being a Savior or Destroyer. Then we have the storyline getting convoluted with the Heartless. Nobodies, Keyblade bearers. Naminé, Roxas and all the Ansem stuff.

But the most important thing is FUN... Final Fantasy XIII is not that. XIV is an online game, so I don't care about that one. XV, or what Little I've seen about it kinda hits some right notes, but I'm still not convinced. It worries me that Square Enix has lost their way on how to make games. I mean, people were hyped about KH 3. (I am too) but the biggest Hype comes from FFVII... an 18 year old game. Have I become some sort of hipster that only likes older games? Or is Square Enix going on a weird pathway with J-RPGs? I guess the true answer lies when FFVIIR comes.

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